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How to properly take pictures

Raising the question of how to take pictures, we can not ignore the specifics of photographing portraits

When the house there is a camera, many immediately decided to try it.

The first frame (trial mode) more often -view from the window, or some piece of furniture. Then a few days taking pictures of friends and loved ones, and sometimes even in humans or animals, which are seen on the street.

The desire to engage in a picture at a higher level comes later.

How to learn to take pictures</ P>

To learn how to take pictures, it is important to understand the threefotomasterstva main aspects - what shutter speed, aperture, and composition. Shutter speed is the time at which the camera shutter opens. In digital photography it enough to die on impact. The analog - during which time the film gets a light beam that can light the necessary portions of the future picture, worked in a certain way on the silver halides.

The second aspect is important to learn if you want tothe right to photograph, - the diaphragm. This value is relative aperture on the lens is disclosed petals. The larger the aperture (the lower numerical value corresponding to it), the smaller the depth of field photography, and vice versa. In other words, a picture with a blurred background are obtained when shooting at large aperture (lens performance exhibited by 1,8 or 2), and photos, on which the front and rear equally cutting plans - with a small aperture (s match figures of 16 and approximately equal 22).

Third, but not least in educationpictures belongs notion of composition. Textbooks are many definitions of it. If in your own words, the music - it's well-built location of objects and color spots on the image, pleasing to the eye and the perceived optimal.

This is in a nutshell. To really learn how to take pictures, it is necessary to study specialized books and magazines devoted to photography. From them you can learn more about shutter speed, aperture, and other important sites of the camera and lens, as well as insight into the concepts such as "composition", "linear perspective and tone", "frame the drama."

How to make a good photo

To make a good picture, you mustnot only have a camera, but also a fair share of luck. And for him - a sharp intuition, quick response, artistic taste. Actually, all this distinguishes the professional from the amateur photography.

If you are lucky to capture an interesting picture, it is importantto handle it correctly. For treatment of analogue photography will be in the negative film development or reversal (slide) film and print photos in a special darkroom. Unfortunately, there are times when the images are printed at home, forever thing of the past. Now such laboratories organize unless very enthusiastic photographers experimenters.

Make a good digital photo can be, ifproperly handle a good picture in a graphic editor. Most often used for this purpose Photoshop. It can change the brightness, saturation, contrast, many other parameters that are important for a good photo. The program also allows you to use one or more filters that can change drastically your shot, sometimes damaging, and sometimes turning into a real masterpiece.

How do I shoot people

Raising the question of how to take pictures,we can not ignore the specifics of shooting people. Portraits and genre are staged. The first - reportage photography element, that is, people take off in vivo. For the second prepared entourage - Pavilion, light, if necessary, sets and costumes.

The light in the exhibit hall in a circle (as a last resortcase - a semicircle). Behind - Backlight, he seems to be visually separates the model from the background. In the opposite direction it is directed ambient light, helping to avoid the background shadows. Left and right of the object of photography usually put lights with modeling light. Slightly above - weak fill light. When the balance of lighting in such or such a sequence makes sense to provide special umbrellas or screen-dividers. Talking about how to take pictures, not to mention them would be a serious omission.

Another type of equipment necessary for theto shoot people in the pavilion - from roller backgrounds. Occasionally when the photographer is limited to one or two. As a rule, they had at least ten, and may be changed depending on artistic effects.

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