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How to photograph correctly


Raising the question of how to photograph correctly, one can not ignore the specifics of photographing portraits</a>

When a camera appears in the house, many immediately decide to try it.

The very first frame (trial shooting) most often -A view from the window or some kind of interior. Then a few days they take pictures of friends and relatives, and sometimes even people or animals that are seen on the street.

The desire to take a picture at a higher level comes later.

How to learn to photograph

To learn how to photograph, it is important to understand threeThe main aspect of photographic art - what is exposure, aperture and composition. The shutter speed is the time at which the shutter of the camera opens. In digital photography, its enough to affect the matrix. In the analogue - during this time, a light stream enters the film, which can shine the necessary parts of the future image, affecting in a certain way the silver halides.

The second aspect, important if you want to learnCorrectly to photograph, - a diaphragm. This is the value of the relative hole on which the petals of the lens open. The larger the aperture (the lower the numerical value corresponding to it), the lower the depth of field of the photo, and vice versa. In other words, images with a blurred background are obtained when shooting with a large aperture (the parameters of the lens are set at 1.8 or 2), and the photos, on which both the foreground and background are equally sharp - with a small aperture (it corresponds to about 16 and 22).

The third, but not the last place in trainingPhotography belongs to the concept of composition. There are a lot of definitions in textbooks. If in your own words, the composition is a competently arranged arrangement of objects and color spots on the image, pleasant to the eyes and perceived to be optimal.

This, if in brief. To really learn how to photograph, you need to study specialized textbooks or magazines devoted to photography. You can learn more about the shutter speed, aperture, other important parts of the camera and lens, as well as to understand such concepts as "composition", "linear and tonal perspective", "dramatic frame".

How to make a good photo

To make a good photo, you needHave not only a camera, but also a fair amount of luck. And to him - a sharp intuition, quick reaction, artistic taste. Actually, all this distinguishes professional photography from amateur photography.

If it's lucky to capture an interesting shot, it's important.Properly process it. For analog photography, the processing will consist in developing a negative or reversible (slides) film and printing photos in a special photo lab. Unfortunately, the times when pictures were printed at home have irretrievably gone to the past. Now such laboratories are organized only by very enthusiastic experimental photographers.

You can make a good digital photo ifCorrectly process a successful snapshot in one of the graphical editors. Most often, Photoshop is used for these purposes. It provides the ability to change the brightness, saturation, contrast, many other parameters important for a good photo. Also, the program allows you to use one or more filters that can change your image beyond recognition, sometimes spoiling, and sometimes turning into a real masterpiece.

How to shoot people

Raising the question of how to photograph correctly,You can not ignore the specifics of photographing people. Portraits are genre and production. The first - an element of reportage photography, that is, people are removed in natural conditions. For the second, the entourage is prepared - a pavilion, light, if necessary, scenery and costumes.

Light in the pavilion is set in a circle (in the extremeCase - a semicircle). Behind - back, he visually tears off the model from the background. In the opposite direction, background light is directed to help avoid background shadows. To the left and to the right of the photographing object are usually placed lamps with modeling light. A little above - a weak filling light. When arranging lighting devices in this or similar sequence, it makes sense to provide special umbrellas or screens-splitters. Talking about how to properly photograph, not to mention them would be a serious omission.

Another type of equipment,To shoot people in the pavilion - a roller with backgrounds. Rarely when the photographer is limited to one or two. As a rule, he has at least ten of them, and they can be changed depending on artistic decisions.

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