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How to properly pinch stepsons on cucumbers


Cucumbers in the greenhouse</a>

Stephens on cucumbers are plucked after the appearance on the main whip of the 4th leaf.

The procedure is repeated after the appearance of the 5th, 6th and 7th sheets, with a certain number of leaves and ovaries left.

The process of pricking is carried out before flowering, withThis should be done very carefully, so as not to damage the main stem and the leaves. For convenience of work and to avoid damage to the whip, you can arm with scissors with rounded ends.

Why do I need pasyning

If the plant has comfortable conditions forGrowth, it gives a large number of shoots and leaves, as a result, the culture itself suffers from a lack of light. The main lash starts to grow faster and higher, competing with the stepson for the light, as a result of which the space between the leaves increases and there is a tendency to decrease the number of the leaves themselves. And since the formation of the cucumber ovary occurs in the axils of the leaves, this does not have the best effect on yields.
When stepping on cucumbers, one must act veryGently: one hand slightly pull the sheet, and the other to pinch the stepson near the base of the stem. Not all side shoots are to be removed. After all, the main stem serves to form the male flowers, and the stepson - the female. Therefore, to ensure a normal pollination process, some of the stepsons are left.

How to Pinch

; With the correct prischipke cucumbers can be grownPlant with a powerful stalk, the necessary number of leaves, healthy side shoots and a large number of fruits. Regardless of the cultivated variety, it is necessary to pinch only after forming 4 sheets on the main whip. All stepsons and leaves below its level should be removed, and the plant tied to the trellis. On the lateral shoots, which appeared between the 4 th and 7 th leaves, you need to leave the 1st sheet and the 1st ovary. The escape itself is plucked and, if necessary, tied to the trellis. At the same time, it is recommended to feed cucumbers with humus, a ready fertilizer is also suitable for these purposes. Timely watering and good ventilation will contribute to better yields.
Then the pinch scheme is the same: As soon as the 9th leaf is formed, the stepsons are again plucked, each of them already has 2 leaves and 2 ovaries. Stepchildren, formed on 11 leaves, will already have 3 leaves and 3 ovaries and so on. As the main stem grows, it wraps around the trellis, further growth of another half meter will signal that it is necessary to pinch the growth point. After this, it only remains to control the growth of the lateral shoots, removing the excess ovaries and sheets in time.

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