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How to run in the summer

Running - a useful lesson for all first and foremostbecause running strengthens the body, increases efficiency, and in addition, improves mood. Systematic running reduces the risk of heart attacks, renews and increases blood volume, increases metabolism.

The most important thing - to know how to run useful, but there is no.

You will need

  • - Shoes with thick soles (foot should be comfortable) - shorts and a T-shirt (dry-fit) or (Cotton) - underwear (cotton) - comfortable pair of socks - wristband - Wrist Watch - Player (optional)



Preparation should begin always with the plan. Find a free moment until evening drink tea, to make jogging plan. Do not lean on the days of the week, make a program on the frequency - every day, every other day, every 2 days, 2 in one. It all depends on your real abilities, if you are just starting to run, then every 3 days is enough. Start with a distance of 1 km and gradually increase to the desired result. During the day, the schedule may be flexible in the morning, afternoon or evening - most importantly, that you ran.


Set a goal to run without goals perfectly andromantic, but for a long time so you will not last. To run needs constant stimulus, the most difficult - is to force yourself to run, and then everything goes by itself. Sign up for local races or imagine how lean you are under constant training, in the end, create your own reward in the honest respect for jogging frequency (for example: to buy a new form).


Power Try to reduce consumptionfried and smoked, as well as snacks and fast food. But the amount of carbohydrates in the diet can increase slightly, as they provide the body nourishment during the run. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially grapefruit, avocado, greens, pomegranate, broccoli, apples. Eat 2-3 hours before running, otherwise the race will turn into torture. Drink plenty of pure water, but not while running.


Warm Make it a habit before every run to make elementary stretching (school quite descend) to increase the elasticity of the ligaments and disperse blood for subsequent running load.


The simulator or street to obtain all the benefits ofRunning answer is simple - the street. Outdoor air helps to improve blood circulation, and real street routes make running fun. But even if the weather conditions do not allow to run, it is better - an indoor stadium, the simulator - the latest version.


Find a partner One force myself to run is difficult, but if you have a friend on the run, then there is an additional incentive to him not to fail. In addition, together is always fun.


Running Straighten your back, tilt your body forwardrun. Each time land on the heel constantly watch out for, so that the back was straight. Always look into the distance, in the first place, it makes it easier to run, in - the second, relaxes the nervous system. Start with a moderate tempo, and after half of the route, gradually increase the distance to the finish line. Secure travel time by using a wristwatch (can be recorded in the log). Immediately after the run to take a hot shower


Flight of fancy Try to come up with differentroutes for your race, change them periodically, but the main thing - you know what distance you run. To measure a distance, use yandex maps or google maps.

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