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How to put diction

Beautiful and right speech is not only attracts attention, but also a matter of respect. But it's hard work.

But over time, you can boast of well-organized speech that you will certainly come in handy in life.



First of all, starting with reading. Daily read aloud some book, it is best if it is some artistic novel, full of expressive means. Give this exercise 10 minutes every day. Only with such frequency, you can achieve results. This exercise will allow you to train yourself to talk aloud. Do not forget that the most grateful listeners? the children, read books to them. If they listen to you, it means that you are making progress.


Surely you have a favorite announcer on the radio ortelevision. Begin to imitate him. Keep a record of his voice on tape. Carefully study the manner of speech of your idol. Then compare your voice and the voice of the master. Particular attention be paid to the pronunciation of consonants. Remember that there is no limit to perfection. Only hard work will help you achieve success.


The most effective way on the path to gooddiction are tongue twisters. Do not overload yourself. Start with simple tongue twisters, but gradually move to more complex. Create yourself an additional complication in the process, for example, try speaking tongue twisters with his mouth full. This will allow you to achieve greater success. Try during a conversation not clench your teeth and do not? Swallow? end of words, in this case, the other party will be difficult to understand you.

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