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How to punish a child correctly

How to punish a child correctly</a>

With the advent and growth of a child, parents face many problems.

Among them, and how to respond to a violation of the child established in the family rules.

How should one react to the child's bad behavior and how to ensure that in the future the child behaves the way his parents need it?

Most often in such situations, parentsGuided by their own experience, recalling the methods of educating their parents, tested on them. But, unfortunately, there are no universal methods of upbringing. There is no single recipe that allows you to correct the behavior of any child.
It goes without saying that the child's misconductShould meet an adequate response from the parents. Otherwise, the child will get used to the feeling of impunity and permissiveness, and in the future problems with the child's behavior in society will only grow, like a snowball.
Modern teachers and psychologists completelySolidarity is that physical punishment is the most useless and even harmful. Useless - because physical sensations are quickly forgotten, especially unpleasant. Harmful - as with frequent use they turn against those goals that the parent pursues, punishing. Such a child easily closes in himself, there is a feeling of anger at the whole world.
The heaviest punishment for a child isParental silence. Or it can be called a kind of boycott. The child is much easier to bear abuse, shouts and slap in a soft place, rather than silence. The silence of the adult leaves the child alone, he is experiencing a sea of ​​emotions at this moment, but there is no place to throw them out, because he does not receive a response.
In this case, the parent must remainCompletely calm. But you can not delay this punishment. A few minutes a child is often enough to realize the full severity of his situation. After that, the parent should sit with the child and calmly talk, explain why he was so punished, what feelings mom or dad feels when the child behaves badly and forces him to punish him. It is important to emphasize that it is unpleasant for parents to punish, and that the child is in itself good and the most beloved for them, but they simply can not ignore a concrete deed without attention. After such a conversation, the reconciliation of the parties must necessarily follow. And to remember the child's past sins is never necessary. He was already punished for them and forgiven.

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