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How to properly punish the child

How to punish the child

With the emergence and maturation of the child's parents are faced with many challenges.

Among them, and how you need to respond to the violation of the child set out in the rules of the family.

How should I respond to the bad behavior of the child and how to achieve that in the future the child was behaving the way you want it to parents?

Most often in such situations parentsguided by their own experience, recalling the methods of education of their parents, tested on them. But unfortunately, the universal methods of education not exist. Нет единого рецепта, позволяющего откорректировать поведение любого ребенка.
Of course, that improper behavior of the childmust meet an adequate response on the part of parents. Otherwise, the child will get used to the feeling of impunity and permissiveness, and further problems with the behavior of the child in society will only grow like a snowball.
Modern educators and psychologists fullysolidarity that physical punishment - the most useless and even harmful. Useless - because the physical sensations quite quickly forgotten, the more unpleasant. Harmful - because the frequent use they turn against the objectives pursued by the parent punishing. Such a child is easily closed in itself, there is a feeling of anger on the world.
The most severe punishment for the child isparental silence. Or it can be called a kind of boycott. The child is much easier to transfer swearing, shouting and slap on a soft place, rather than silence. Silence of the adult leaves the child alone with him, he is at the moment experiencing a sea of ​​emotions, but they have nowhere to throw, because it does not receive a response.
Parents in this case need to beperfectly calm. But it is impossible to delay this punishment. A few minutes more often a child is enough to realize the gravity of his situation. Then the parent should sit down with your child and talk quietly, explain why he had been so punished, the feelings experienced mom or dad, when a child misbehaves and forces to punish him. It is important to emphasize that parents punish hate, and that the child itself is good and the most beloved to them, but specific behavior to ignore it simply can not. After this conversation must necessarily follow the conciliation. And to remember his past sins, the child will never need. He has already been punished and forgiven for them.

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