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How to properly prune pear

How to prune pear

Cut pear - is a very important event.

It must be done regularly.

Then the harvest will always be great.

But it is important to know exactly how to make pruning pear.

If it is incorrect, then count on the high fruitfulness of the tree is no longer possible.

Pruning should be carried out in early spring whenthe branches have not yet appeared kidneys. This procedure will make the fruit-bearing tree. It is impossible to perform the summer because of the fact that part of the leaves is removed, the tree can not receive adequate nutrition. If you perform a pruning in the fall, then place slices remain sensitive and not have time to heal, which will lead to freezing of the tree.

How to make pruning pear?

For pruning is necessary to prepare in advancepruner. To use them you need to correct. It is required that the instrument was called a narrow edge to the part of the branch you want to delete. During the first crop must first be shortened by a quarter of the barrel, which is from the bottom to the top of the branches. Such an approach would appear on a large number of tree buds. In the future, the tree will be branched crown.
Do not assume that because of the removal of a largethe number of branches of the tree does not bring the desired crop. Of course, some kidney will be cut, but the pear fall behind even enough of them. In addition, by removing their part, it will be possible to obtain high-quality pears. Do not forget that the tree is not overloaded yield, much better survive the winter.
The following year, also must performpruning. Will need to shorten the branches of the crown 25-30 cm. In this case, you need to ensure that next to a tree did not appear processes. They are removed directly from the root. Stump of them should not be.

Tips for pruning pear

In order to trim the course did not have a bullycrust, remove the shears first branch, located on the bottom, and then get down to the ones that are above. If you want to cut a heavy branch, do it gradually. The first file off her bottom - approximately 30 cm from the ground. Then start to cut the branch from above. As a result, it is under its gravity force break off. Then do not forget to remove the residue on the ring.
During pruning, try to make cutssmooth as possible, and a smaller diameter. Do not allow the presence of chamfers (rounded off to the wood). Places slices at once obscure paint, which includes a drying oil, or garden pitch. If this is not done, during the start of sap flow pear "cry", it will start to weaken and it will attract the attention of harmful insects.

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