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How to properly pierce the lip


How to properly pierce the lip</a>

In ancient times, piercing was done on the lips for ritual purposes. Today, jewelry, inserted in the lower or upper lips, is a tribute to fashion.

The procedure for piercing is quite painful, but it does not deter those who want to express themselves in this way. It is best to pierce the lips in the beauty salon.

But, observing certain precautions, it can be tried at home.



First you need to decide which type of piercingyou want to do. With horizontal piercing, a deep puncture is done parallel to the lip. Vertical suggests a hole made in the center of the lip. There is another Monroe piercing, it is performed above the lips, not in the center, to create a kind of birthmark.


Buy a catheter needle and a piercing at the pharmacy. It is better to take ornaments from titanium, they are hypoallergenic. There are piercing-labrets, consisting of a head and a rod or piercing-rings. Labrets take root better than rings, in addition, the latter should be set so that they are located between the teeth and do not damage the enamel.


If you are afraid of pain, do an injection of lidocaine or another anesthetic. Then wipe the piercing jewelry with alcohol. Do not rub the needle, it's already sterile. After that gently prick Lip With a needle on the front and insert the piercing. The wound usually heals after 2-4 weeks.

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