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How to properly painted lipstick

How to paint lipstick

It seems that there is a complex, lipstick lipstick.

However, if you remember the correct application of the technique, the lipstick will last longer on the lips, and the lips will look more beautiful.



Before applying the lipstick it is important that the lips were notCracked and dry and flat and smooth. For chapped lips lipstick will look very ugly. Therefore, if you have a problem with his lips, then bring them in order (smear honey, shea butter, etc.)


First applied lip liner. Quietly draw a thin line around the lips. Pencil will not allow to go beyond the lipstick, make-up will look better.


Lipstick is better to apply a special brush, itIt allows her to go to bed exactly. You should begin from the middle to the edges of the lips. After connect the upper and lower lips, lipstick thus distributed evenly on the lips.

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