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How to properly paint eyelashes mascara

How to paint eyelashes mascara

Choosing the right mascara enhance the eye for a couple of minutes, accentuate their color and a beautiful cut.

To ink was kept for a long time, not showering or smearing, learn how to apply it carefully.

Select a tool to help lengthen, curl lashes and give them volume - modern cosmetics is capable of producing any effects.

Choosing the right mascara

On sale you can find different versions of the carcass. For rare eyelashes have the means to effect the amount of lengthening a short approach, and a direct - tightening up mascara. Choose tools with a combination of natural waxes and silicones - they envelop each eyelash, giving hairs shine and elasticity.

Good ink does not crumble and not smeared. If you are interested in cosmetics that does not suffer from the rain or tears, choose water-resistant versions. Very convenient and ink, which can be washed off with warm water, but it does not operate rain, tears, or sweat.

Efficacy deposition depends not only oncarcass quality, but also on the brush. For the amount of use is very fluffy brush, length create devices with a few fibers. Twirled effect provide a brush-helix with bristles of varying lengths. Interesting offer - ribbed plastic rod. With it, you can not only accurately distribute ink, but podzavit eyelashes.

If the ink is dry, dilute it with a few drops of water. Do not drip into the bottle perfume, alcohol or other liquids - they may cause irritation and loss of eyelashes.

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Paint the lashes nicely: proven techniques

Eyebrows tinting - the final touch to make-upeye. To lubricate the makeup, apply mascara after shadows, eyeliner and pencil. Dip the brush into the bottle. Begin to apply mascara from the middle of the upper eyelid. Hold the brush parallel to the age, make it smooth motion, causing the mascara from root to tip and moving to the outer corner of the eye. Lightly press down on the middle of the lash brush - so you fix them bend.

Add a second coat of mascara on the outer cornerseyes - this will make the look more expressive. To paint on shortest hairs expand the brush perpendicular to the eyelid. Then paint the lashes at the inner corners.

For everyday makeup is enough to paintupper lashes. But if you want to apply the paint and on the bottom, proceed particularly carefully - mascara smeared on them easily. For the convenience of sheet under the eyelashes piece of paper - streaks of paint will remain on it. Apply mascara in a single layer.

The sale can be found with two mascara brushes. Most is for the upper lashes, and very convenient to paint little lower.

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If you want to increase the volume of eyelashes? Use the means for thickening the hair. Under the mascara can be applied on the basis of a special silicone base. Nakraste hairs white or colorless base, give the means to dry, then use color ink. Another option - powder for eyelashes. Apply a coat of mascara, then put on hair powder of synthetic microfibers. Secure the fiber yet another layer of mascara.

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