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How to dye eyelashes correctly with ink


How to dye eyelashes correctly with ink</a>

Correctly matched mascara for a couple of minutes will increase the eyes, emphasize their color and beautiful cut.

To keep the mascara long, without crumbling and not smearing, learn how to apply it neatly.

Choose a tool that helps to lengthen, twist eyelashes or give them volume - modern cosmetics can create any effects.

Choose mascara correctly

On sale you can find different options for carcass. For rare eyelashes, there are means with the effect of volume, a short one is suitable for lengthening, and for straight lashes there is a twisting mascara. Choose a means with a combination of natural waxes and silicones - they envelop each cilium, giving the hair a shine and elasticity.

Good mascara does not crumble and is not smeared. If you are interested in cosmetics that are not affected by rain or tears, choose water resistant options. Very convenient and mascara, which can be washed off with warm water, but it does not act precipitation, tears or sweat.

The effectiveness of the application depends not only on theQuality mascara, but also from the brush. For volume use a very fluffy brush, the length is created by devices with rare villi. The twisting effect will be provided by a brush-spiral with bristles of different lengths. An interesting offer is a ribbed plastic rod. With it, you can not only accurately distribute mascara, but also podzavit eyelashes.

If mascara has dried, dilute it with a few drops of water. Do not drip perfume, alcohol or other liquids into the vial - they can cause irritation of the mucosa and loss of eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashes are beautiful: proven techniques

Eyelash staining - the final touch in make-upeye. To not lubricate makeup, apply mascara after shadows, eyeliner and pencil. Dip the brush in the vial. Begin to apply mascara from the middle of the upper eyelid. Holding the brush parallel to the eyelid, make it smooth movements, applying mascara from the roots to the tips and moving to the outer corner of the eye. Lightly press the brush on the middle of the eyelashes - so you fix their bend.

Add a second layer of carcass in the outer cornersEyes - this will make the look more expressive. To paint on short hairs, unfold the brush perpendicular to the eyelid. Then paint the eyelashes at the inner corners.

For everyday make-up it is enough to colorUpper eyelashes. But if you want to apply paint to the lower ones, act especially neatly - the ink on them is easily smeared. For convenience, place under the eyelashes a piece of paper - stains of paint will remain on it. Apply mascara in one layer.

On sale you can find mascara with two brushes. The big one is for the upper eyelashes, and the little one is very convenient for painting the lower ones.

Want to increase the amount of eyelashes? Use the means to thicken the hairs. Under the ink can be applied a special base on the basis of silicones. Paint the hairs with a white or colorless base, allow the medium to dry, and then use colored mascara. Another option is powder for eyelashes. Apply a layer of carcass, then put on the hair a powder of synthetic microfibers. Fix the fibers with another layer of carcass.

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