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How to properly mix the paint

How to mix paint

To learn how to mix paint, need to know some basics of color theory.

Getting new colors by mixing paints on a paper requires experience, as the possibility of a mistake is quite high.



For color mixing can take any paint,but is most comfortable on the initial stage are acrylic. Pick up a set of colors which include the following colors: white, black, blue, red, blue, yellow and purple. Black color can also be obtained by mixing other, but the combination of these colors is quite complex and requires a lot of experience to get a true black. Therefore, it is better to use in the finished form.


To get the new colors with paintusing certain combinations. There is a so-called three primary colors: yellow, magenta and cyan. Their combinations give secondary colors called: blue + yellow = green, blue + purple = blue, magenta + yellow = red. Various combinations of primary colors may provide any other group, and the primary colors themselves may not be derived from the other. Secondary combinations can provide the same options as the initial combination, but they are much darker because secondary colors are less reflective.


Any obtained by mixing color inks maybe lighter, and for this you need to add white paint to it. If the mix you want to get a lighter shade, add to the basic (primary) color a little white paint.


The resulting mix color alsoYou can make a darker, adding a bit of black paint. In some cases, for more shades of dark colors are used at the opposite ends of the color wheel CMY (circle continuous color transition). For example, magenta color shading is green.


By adding white and black at the same time, you canget muted or grayish tone. Their combination can give basic color saturation. For example, mixing black and yellow, you get olive green. Adding to the resulting color is a little white, you Illuminate it, giving brightness him. Thus, it is possible to receive a plurality of different shades of colors, it is only necessary to control the dosage of good black and white.


To get the black, you need to evenlyMix three primary colors (yellow, magenta, and cyan). Another way to obtain the black - mixing two colors, located on opposite sides of the color wheel CMY. The only color that should not be present during the preparation of the black - it's white. It will add to the bleaching of color, instead of black, you get a dark shade of gray.

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