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How to properly make tea with lemon

How to make tea with lemon

Tea with lemon - one of the most popular and recognized throughout the world drinks.

His simultaneous sweet and sour taste is almost does not leave indifferent.

And cook it quite simply.

It would seem, cut a lemon and put it in a cup, add boiling water - and delicious invigorating drink is ready.

However, experts say: to lemon tea was not only delicious, but also useful, it is necessary to prepare properly.

Tea with lemon can have powerful therapeutic and prophylactic effect in the fight against aging, cleansing the body from free radicals, and even fight with cancer.
Lemon is traditionally considered one of the most powerfulantioxidants. And in this lies the main problem of overuse or misuse of such fruit. After all, too many antioxidants - it is dangerous for the body.

How should I prepare tea with lemon

First you need to prepare the lemon. Be sure to rinse thoroughly under running water. Since lemons are mostly carry in Russia from afar, their peels can be covered with a thin layer of protective wax or other substances that are not the best way reflected on the state of human health.

You can even wash the lemon special brush with soap and water. Only in this case it is necessary to thoroughly rinse off the soap.

After washing the lemon scald with boiling water. Then rub the lemon zest and put it into a glass. Add to it the sugar and mix everything carefully. Then pour the tea and put a slice of lemon. Experts claim that this tea is a more full-bodied and aromatic. So serve tea with limonoi will be as well.
If too rich taste of lemon you do notlike, you can take a piece of refined sugar, and rub it on the lemon so that it will satiate the juice. Then add it to tea. You will get very tender and flavorful drink.
When making tea with lemon to remember aboutthe need to preserve located in a fruit vitamin C. For this purpose, it is by no means impossible to fill with boiling water. The optimum temperature of tea with lemon called 50 degrees. You can simply add on a warm slice of lemon tea, drink, and get a light citrus scent.

Remember that tea because the lemon is losing its rich color. As a result, a large portion of lemon than you put into the cup, the lighter drink you get.


In matters of lemon tea consumption is not importantoverdo. For example, excessive consumption of these beverages can cause problems with the kidneys and liver as a result of poisoning by antioxidants. These substances are characterized by high biological activity and are quite toxic to the human body purification systems. Recommended safe serving tea with lemon a day - no more than 600 ml.
Be careful with this drink you need to be in orderpeople who suffer from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcer, etc.). Sour lemon greatly irritate the stomach and leads to further deterioration of the situation. In this case it is possible to drink per day to 300 ml of tea with lemon.
It is also a contraindication to the use of tea withLemon can be allergic to citrus. This is due to the fact that a surplus of potential allergens in the form of vitamin C may even lead to anaphylactic shock, etc.
In addition, it should be remembered that the lemon has a sufficiently powerful impact on tooth enamel, so do not abuse them, not to have to often treat the teeth.

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