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How to jump rope

Jumping rope - great aerobic exercise that not only strengthens the muscles of the legs, but also trains the heart and helps get rid of excess weight.

To be more effective workout, you need to learn how to jump, do a warm-up, to protect their feet, to engage in a certain pace.

How to prepare for a jump rope?

Jumping rope can be replaced by any otheraerobic exercise: jogging, swimming, exercises on cardio simulators. They also help get rid of excess fat, exercise many muscles of the body, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance. In addition, it is more fun and interesting than the monotonous running or boring exercises at the gym.
Any aerobic exercise should last aat least thirty minutes to achieve the best effect, it is desirable - from forty minutes to an hour. The rate thus should be quite slow pulse not to reach a maximum value, and the man could talk. If you want to save time, perform interval training - they are no less useful, but much faster. This means that it is necessary to alternate periods of high stress with relaxation or small load. Jump rope is desirable in a day: no more, so that the body has had time to recover, and not less, otherwise the benefits will be less.
Buy a good rope: expensive models do not get confused, have a high strength, not twisted. High-quality rope made of leather and linen, but also work plastic - they are better cut the air, so you can jump quickly. If you want to train not only his feet but also his hands, get the rope with heavy handles. Be sure to prepare the appropriate footwear, even if you jump house. It must have shoes with special soles amortization. You can train barefoot on a soft surface, it is not so bad as on the hard floor.

How to jump rope?

Before you jump on the rope, be sure toMake a small workout. You can run a bit, stretch your joints, jump in place. The first training should be simple and short. First, enough to carry out the usual jumping on the average rate. At the same time keep your elbows close to the body, move only the wrists, which should be at waist level and keep your back straight. Land on your toes and not the whole foot at once - otherwise the joints get a heavy load, and possible injury. Stop when you start to choke, and you find it difficult to say anything.
Gradually increase the pace and durationexercises. Get to know the new movement: jumping on one leg, raising the knees high, with a crossing. The most difficult - jumping double or triple turning of the rope.
If you decide to do interval, the firstthe relationship between exercise and rest should be 2: 1, for example, two minutes of jumping and four minutes of rest. Gradually increase the exercise time until the ratio will not be 1: 1. More than trained athletes may alternate the difficult jumps at a fast pace and easy-slow jumping.

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