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How to properly sink bath

How to sink bath

The furnace of the present Russian bath - a ritual that requires a special and proper training.

To warm up enough and have all bath procedures, it is necessary to preheat the room to the desired temperature.

The heater uses oven-stove, which melts dry firewood.

You will need

  • - drova-
  • - bumaga-
  • - schepki-
  • - spichki-
  • - Poker.



Before proceeding with the firebox of the furnace, it is necessarylead bath room and a waiting room in a full order. Remove all unnecessary items that you do not come in handy for bathing, carefully sweep the floor, especially in the place where the wood is stored. The bath should be free of soap and leaves from the broom it can have consequences. It also requires wet cleaning of the walls and ceiling. After cleaning, thoroughly ventilate the room, open the doors and windows.


Before you put the wood in the firebox, cleanZolnikova chamber and the grate of the residues of combustion products, so you will be able to free access of air to fuel. Otherwise oven podduvalom can turn the stove with a dull hearth, and it is uneconomical. Excessive moisture degrades wood burning, so they should be pre-dried.


Open the door fully firebox, chimney capdampers and poludvertsu ash. Light a match and determine if traction. Otderite knife a few patches of birch bark and stocks several crumpled sheets of newsprint. Select four or five completely dry firewood, which should be the same size and thickness, as well as match the size of the furnace.


On the grate, place in parallel to eachanother two thin logs with a gap in one palm. Between them fold the paper ball and pour pile of wood chips. On top of a hill fasten the remaining two pieces of wood, folded them obliquely. Gorka with paper and wood chips should stay inside and do not crumble. Take just two or three matches, light and bring the paper. When it lights up, close the firebox door to keep the smoke fill the room.


Look, without opening the door, if presentafter a few minutes the characteristic strong enough and steady flame buzz. If not, then you should start kindling procedure from the beginning. Cover lightly podtopochnuyu poludvertsu, as the air is simply necessary for the combustion of wood. Open the valve of the boiler water and cover flap of the chimney.


Ten minutes later, with the help of poker flattencoals and load a portion of the wood of any thickness and size by two-thirds the height of the furnace. Bookmarks procedure is repeated in the same way for three hours in the summer and winter five hours. Keep an eye on the water level in the boiler to the process of laying the wood did not reduce the combustion temperature, do not wait, when from them will remain dim coals. Occasionally stir the coals and embers with a poker for complete combustion.


Take a look at the furnace and make sure that the woodtotally burned, the embers began to red, and never skips blue flames (carbon monoxide). If steam room heated to 60-90 degrees, open the valve to the limit, close the door of the blower, make sure the furnace door tightly and securely closed. Open the door and vents, throw a bucket of water on the stove, the floor, walls and benches. Close the door, an hour later, cover the vents. Now you can safely bathe, pouring in the water heater to heighten the vapor.

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