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How to properly go

How to go

The correct and beautiful walk - the dream of many women.

To some it is given by the quality of the birth, someone has to learn to walk properly.

Professional models spend months and years of training shows.



To walk was beautiful and right, watchposture while walking. Legs keep hip-width apart, being careful not to set it too broadly or too narrowly. When walking, the body should barely noticeable sway to the beat of the steps. Movement of hands do not make too sweeping. Hands gently push to the body, straighten the fingers, elbows slightly bend at the elbows.


Do not scuff or drag them. Each step alternately tear the legs off the floor. Comes on the heels, gradually shifting the center of gravity on the toe. Feet keep parallel to each other or slightly dilute the socks out. Women had better learn to walk in a straight line. To do this, lay out or draw a straight line and learn how to put it on her foot. At the head at the same time put a heavy book. Keep an eye on the size of the steps:. Men optimally 70-75 cm and 60-65 cm for women and do not wag their hips when walking - it is indecent.


In order to develop the correct gait dospecial exercises. First, take the pole and lay his hips when walking follow the movements of the hips with the help of the pole. Second, his back against the wall. Straighten legs, stomach tighten. Walls touch only his head, shoulders and heels. Remember that the position of the body and thus try to walk around the room. In addition, master walking backwards, dance steps, walking on an inclined plane. This will give gait unusual ease.


Begin to exercise the muscles that affectbeautiful gait. First, sit down, resting on hands and toes, knees brought together. Straightening the knees, take a sip cat pose, trying to get the heels to the floor. Then again sit down and go up sharply. Do exercise at least 3 times. Subsequently, bring the number of repetitions to 10.


The second exercise: Lie on the floor, his hands pull along the torso. As you exhale, bend your legs quickly, pulling his knees to his chest summarized. Then, making a slow exhale, slowly lower the leg down. The knees throughout the exercise, do not release from each other. Perform at least 8 reps. The third exercise flexibility: stand up straight, put the feet together. Follow tilts forward, trying to reach the floor with his hands. Bending, breathe out. Repeat this movement at least 8 times.


The last exercise for the development of gait: Lie on the floor, lift your right leg up. In the left hand take the foot of the right leg, right hand rest against his knee. Alternately straighten the right leg at the knee, then bend again. With your right hand, press the knee while straightening the legs, trying to fully straighten the leg at the knee joint. Make exercise 5-8 times, change the pace. All these exercises, try to include in the set of morning exercises.

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