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How to properly germinate potatoes

How couch potatoes

Sprouting seed potatoes - a well-known technique to increase yield. The fact that the potatoes germinated in soil is faster and a root growth.

If the southern regions of two weeks do not play a significant role in the areas of risk farming this time may not be enough to ensure that the potatoes had time to ripen.

Why couch potatoes?

In order to obtain reserve time andreduce the time before the advent of potato seedlings, you need to take care of that at the time of planting tubers are formed shoots and began to form root systems. In this case, after the first rain potatoes give amicable shoots, allowing gardeners to count on a good harvest.

How easy to germinate seed potatoes

For the germination of seed potatoes should belearn from the basement into a bright and warm room, can be scattered on the floor in the summer kitchen, under a canopy. If lack of space - on the balcony, under the bed.

You can expand the potatoes in wooden boxes inone layer, pour sand, peat or sawdust, and make them into each other to save space. This method of germination is more preferable because it is easier to transport potatoes in hard boxes without damaging delicate sprouts.

It is desirable that in the germination of potatoesIt was 1.5-2 weeks, as during this time she can throw out dense and short shoots grow a root system. For better rooting need to maintain optimum humidity in the room in the range of 90-95%, which can be achieved by spraying tubers from a spray 1-2 times a day.

At night, it is desirable to reduce the temperature of the air5-7oS. Properly prepared tuber yield increase yields by up to 40-45%, which is why it is important to properly germinate and potatoes if you do not want to hard work on the beds for the vegetable garden care products lost in vain.

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