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How to deal with dumbbells


How to deal with dumbbells</a>

Dumbbells are a universal, effective, inexpensive and very convenient sports tool that is suitable for practicing people of any age and gender.

At the first employment with dumbbells it is necessary to consider some rules how correctly to deal with them in order to increase the efficiency of exercises with cargo.



Buying dumbbells, stop at the minimum weightEach dumbbell for the first classes. Over time, it will be necessary to purchase heavier loads to increase the load. Even more logical is the purchase of prefabricated dumbbells, if you intend to use them at home. Thus, you can add on the neck or clean up the next pancakes by reducing or increasing the weight of the instrument.


Classes are conducted regularly. Only in this way you will achieve a high result. Spend on exercises with dumbbells until 3 hours during the week. Distribute this time as it will be more convenient for you.


Combine exercises with dumbbells and aerobic loads, such as brisk walking, running (running track), swimming, cycling (exercise bike) and others.


Choose that type of food during classes, withWhich you achieve your goals. If you need to reduce weight with dumbbells - remove from the diet of fatty, high-calorie foods, sate your food with vegetables, fruits. If you plan to increase muscle mass - in the diet should prevail protein products, carbohydrates, you can take special protein cocktails from sports nutrition.


Each lesson increase the intensity of the loads. First, add 5 minutes to the lessons. Also after a certain period of time, increase the weight of dumbbells.


Be engaged in a good mood, be sure that you will be able to achieve the required results. Such a mood will help to discipline, forget about laziness, to show patience.

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