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How to properly dress a child


How to properly dress a child</a>

Parents often make mistakes, dressing the child excessively hot or vice versa is too cold.

There are certain rules for dressing children to go outside regardless of the time of the year.



Winter and summer do not overheat children, excessiveWrapping. A simple rule for modern parents - a very mobile child wear cooler than yourself. Child, moderate in games, collect on the street, like yourself - that is, if you wear a sweater and a jacket on a sintepon, also dress the child. For a motionless sitting child in a wheelchair, there is a "plus one" rule in clothes on the sled - you need to put on the baby one more thing than you are wearing.


The feet of the child should always be warm. Therefore, buy shoes made of genuine leather, boots for winter. On the legs in the cold wear woolen socks on top of cotton. Make sure that snow does not get inside the boot.


Underwear in a child should only be made of cotton fabrics. Be sure to put on your baby in the winter and in the summer clothes made of "breathing" materials - cotton, satin, gauze, batiste.


In the cold, the hat should be chosen for the childWoolen with cotton clasp. From the autumn and winter headgear it is required that he covers the child's ears, if possible his neck, so as not to wear a special scarf (cap-hat, cap-trumpet).


Child's hands warm in winter mittens, gloves. If you plan on playing with snow, bring extra mittens for a replacement so that the child does not have a whole walk in wet gloves.


Summer clothes for the child must satisfyFollowing criteria. It should be made of natural fabrics, preferably light shades, not too open, so that the child's tender skin does not burn in the sun. A summer hat is required, covering the head from the sun's rays. For summer long walks, take with you a spare blouse or t-shirt, so you can change the sweating baby, and a light blouse in case of rain or an unexpected cold wind.


Basic requirements for children's clothing. She must:
- be easy, convenient,
- do not limit the child to movements-
- do not soak (outer clothing) -
- easy to wear off-
- quickly unbuttoned.

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