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How to properly swim with a crawl


How to properly swim with a crawl </a>

When it comes to swimming, usually refers to the rabbit.

This is the fastest and simplest style that floats in both indoor pools and open water.

However, the simplicity of the rabbit is very conditional.

What is a crawl?

Krol is a way of swimming on the chest and back. Perform alternate mahi-strokes hands, as well as shifting and spreading legs. If you make comparisons, your hands will resemble the wings of a mill or the steamer's impeller, and your legs are ordinary scissors.
When swimming with the crawl on the back, almost the same thing happens - swinging hands and moving with "scissors" - legs. However, here the hands move from under his head (on the chest all the way around).

Movement with feet

When swimming with the rabbit, the body should be stretched andLocated at the surface of the water. Dipping the pelvis is so that the feet remain under water. The head is lowered into the water, the sight is directed forward and down. Since the swimmer needs to do stroking movements and breathe in air, he swings his body along the longitudinal axis either to the right or to the left.
Movements with your legs perform up and down (if you takeVertical plane). The beginning of these movements occurs in the hip joint, the continuation - in the shins, and complete them with a biting blow to the feet of the water, thanks to which the swimmer moves forward. In this case, the leg is unbent at first in the knee joint, and then in the ankle joint. All movements with your feet should be performed rhythmically, but freely.

Movement with hands and breathing

As for the movements with your hands, you canDivided into two phases. First, a rowing takes place in the water, then it passes through the water. The hand is lowered into the water, slightly bending at the elbow and turning the palm down. At the same time, the hand should drop in front of the shoulder.
Crawling is complianceImmersion sequences: hand - forearm - shoulder. After an almost complete straightening of the hands in the water, they pass to the stroking movements. The swimmer grasps the water with a brush, and the arm, bent at the elbow, forms a rowing surface. When the main part of the stroke comes, the elbow leads to the trunk, and the brush is quickly moved back. In the final stage, the hand is straightened, the brush passes next to the thigh.
An important role is played by the carrying of the hand over the water. First lift the elbow, then shoulder and brush. The arm bent at the elbow joint is freely pierced over the water. The strokes of the arms themselves are taken by turns - when the stroke ends with one hand, the second enters the water.
Correctly to swim a crawl means alsoTo breathe correctly. The air is inhaled when the head is turned to the right or to the left, at the end of the stroke by hand. After inhaling, the head needs to be returned to its original position. Exhalation is done when the face falls into the water.

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