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How to properly confess

How to confess

Confession - the sacrament, in the course of which a person is recognized God in their sins and asking for forgiveness.

In other words - it is a frank conversation with God.

A serious conversation requires preparation.

Preparation for confession

First, a person must feelthe need for repentance to God in their sins. By the confession need not start only with the knowledge of sin, but with a thirst for them to purify and not to repeat the like.
Select a temple in which you want to confess. Find out when it held the sacrament of penance.
In preparation for confession is given 3 days,that need to be fasting. It is better to spend time, a man in solitude, to put in order their thoughts and feelings. During this time, you need to read the canon of "repent", the Mother of God, the Guardian Angel. These canons can be found in the prayers.
The sins that are going to repent, it is betterwrite down. Then this list you can go to the priest. To understand what is a sin, it is necessary to re-read the 10 commandments of God. Each of his sin is not only important to remember and write, but also to recognize it as evil, ruining lives. That repentance and true repentance bring relief to the soul.
For repentance to be the sacrament. Participation in this sacrament is not part of the confession. But if you want to partake, you should also be prepared for it. The prayers should read "The Service for Holy Communion." On the midnight of the day of communion you can not eat and drink.

How is confession?

Getting a confession, remember that you camerepent to God. That's it you will pour soul. So do not hesitate to priest - he is the link between you and the Lord. Everything you tell him, will be among you.
When it was your turn to confess, and listen to the priest to follow everything he says. If this is your first confession, tell him about it, he'll help you and tell you what to do.
Talk about their sins without reserve. In no case do not justify the actions that repent. Do not ask the Council of the priest. Answer honestly all his questions. If you are not on a confession for the first time, remember that you can not re repent of the same sin, if he had not committed again.
At the end of the confession the priest will give you instruction, and offer communion.

How often do I need to confess?

Man suffers daily. He needs to confess as often as he feels, and decides. There are no strict rules. The main thing that repentance does not become a formal enumeration of sins. But the priests are united in the opinion that there should not be a one-time nature of a Christian confession. To confess regularly, and how often, the person defines himself.

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