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How to properly condole

How to condole

Like it or not, and human life is not only joyful events.

In place of the fun comes sadness, meekly obeying the unwritten law of nature.

And, oddly enough, personally experiencing trouble seems much easier than to be with those whose lives she stormed.

The bitterness of the loss? an integral part of human life. Some people come into this world screaming crying while others leave it with tears and grief of loved ones. This is how nature and people have only to adapt to the realities of it, sometimes quite severe. Lost their loved one does not have to think about how to react and behave in this situation. He was seriously hurt, but that behavior and can not conceive. If you have to look on the mountain side, that there is a need or desire to express condolences to the bereaved. But how to express them correctly?

Condolences in the framework of the business relationship

If the trouble had overtaken the person with whom you are,rather, in official relations than friendship, it is wise to follow the art of communication, excludes the right of bad taste and familiarity. With the words "We grieve with you" or "Please accept my condolences," you can shake hands with a colleague, lightly touching his forearm with his left hand. Such a gesture would allow more fully express sympathy and at the same time, you run the risk of not to cross the line of business etiquette. If you have the opportunity, you can provide financial support for the family, but in this case should be guided by the adopted specific terms of standards of people. How would you have liked to share his feelings, do not forget that extra words can hurt a person staying in the upset feelings.

Condolences in the framework of friendly relations

If your heart dear people lostclose or native, you need it more than ever. He does not need your correct and artfully chosen words and the sincerity and friendly support. Do you want to share with others the bitterness of his loss? Stay close, help than can. Let him feel that you are with him, that he is not alone. From the beautiful and correct phrases blows cold, and sincerity is always a bit awkward. Speak no head and heart.
If you are emotionally close to his friend,his soul will respond to your genuine compassion. Showing respect for his family, participating in the organization of the memorial, you will bring real benefits. Just imagine how difficult it is, faced with death, to think about everyday problems and fuss, organizing mourning event. Your friendly debt is not so much in order to properly put words into sentences, how to provide real support to a friend.

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