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How to properly collect currants

How to collect currants

Currants - tasty and useful berry, kept pace in July.

From it you can cook excellent compote, marmalade, jam and more.

It is important to collect this berry depending on the species.

How to collect currants

To collect currants should use boxor lots of up to four liters. If your site has a currant of different types, you must first collect the white and black because red currant brushes can last much longer stay on the bushes, not showering.

Berries of any kind should be collected currantafter ripening, greenish shades should completely disappear from the painting. Black currants can be harvested on certain berries, and it is possible and brushes, since it does not always large clusters ripen at the same time. But white and red currants better collect twigs. The fact that the skin in these types of currant fruit is much thinner and thus easier to crush, collecting one.

The berries in the freezer is best to lay the package "one pot of stewed fruit." This practice greatly simplifies life in the further cooking.

If you are going to pick berriestransportation and want them to be ripened in a way, it is possible to collect the dense not fully painted in the basic color of the fruit, however, is green in color still should not be. Full maturation and coloration occurs during transportation, however, it must not last longer than a week.

The uniformity of ripening berries on a cluster dependshow long did bloom. If it is delayed for a long time, the fruit will ripen at different times. In order to neutralize the effects of a long flowering, take care that the fruit ripening stage lighting was uniform and relatively intense.

Blackcurrant requires slow thawing to preserve the flavor. So do not scalding her with boiling water.

How to store

As can be stored for two weeks inrefrigerated blackcurrants without actual loss of useful qualities. Red and white currants can be stored for two months at high humidity and a temperature of about one degree Celsius. Do not wash the berries before placing in the refrigerator. If for some reason the berries were wet, dry them before laying out in the cold, spreading a thin layer on a table. Choose the right container for storing berries - currants must breathe.

Without loss of beneficial properties of black and redcurrants can be stored in the freezer up to three months. After this wonderful currant flavor is preserved, but the vitamins, alas, destroyed. Lay the berries in the freezer is best to have cooled.

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