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How to properly cite references

How to cite references

Any scientific research - from the abstract tothesis - is not only the author's arguments, but also links to other scientific or literary sources whose authors also studied this topic. References used by the author, is usually at the end of his scientific work.

Because these links are part of the research work carried out, it is important that anyone could easily find these literary and scientific sources, to ensure the correctness of evidence.

Therefore, this list should be drawn up according to standard rules.

Documents regulating the registration of a bibliography

There are national standards,regulating the general requirements and rules for drawing up the list of literature, including electronic sources, his title and used for writing acronyms. This GOST 7.1-2003, GOST 7.82-2001, GOST and GOST 7.80-2000 7.0.12-2011. In addition, scientific publishing, scientists universities tips attestation commission may give their recommendations for the compilation of bibliographies, but they usually do not conflict with state standards listed and contain their main provisions and regulations.
Regulations state standards are mandatoryApplication for scientific works, no matter what field of knowledge to apply their subject. Thus, the list of sources used by the author is a full-fledged part of his work documenting its conclusions and the facts, and allows us to characterize how much detail and depth the topic was studied. Properly designed bibliography facilitates the opportunity for other researchers to obtain the necessary background information.

General principles for drawing up the list of references

GOST admits have indicated in the listssources, in alphabetical order and in order of their appearance in the text of scientific work or in its sections. They are also allowed to be placed in chronological order by year of publication, by types of sources: scientific papers, white papers, case izdaniya- newspaper and magazine publications.
Each description consists of a literary sourcedescriptions of several areas, located in a strict sequence. Each area contains specific information about the source, they are divided among themselves by a conventional sign, such as "-", "//", "-" etc. Also, the description is dependent on the type of document, whether it is a monograph collection, thesis work or its author's abstracts, deposited manuscripts, standards, patents, copyright certificates, cartographic or electronic edition, an article in a newspaper or magazine and others.
In general, when writing a first sourceits title indicates, the main title and then [document type (test video)]: information related to the title / statement of responsibility. - Information about the publishing house. - City: Name of publisher, date of publication. - Number of pages. - (Name of series, number of the issue).

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