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How to properly check the oil level

How to check the oil level

Too low, as too high a level of oil is very harmful to the motor vehicle and can even disable it.

To avoid this, you must make it a rule to check the oil level at least once a month and before the upcoming mandatory long journey.



Virtually all modern cars are equipped withsignal lamps, informs the driver of low oil level in the engine. But do not wait for its ignition, because it can happen quite late, when, due to lubrication deficiencies engine starts to crumble or that called knock. Especially that such a nuisance, as a rule, takes place on the road, away from civilization, where the possibility of acquiring the necessary grade of engine oil is reduced to zero. Checking the oil level - it is literally minute, so it is better not to tempt fate and spend it at every opportunity, ideally at each refueling.


First, the most common testOil level is carried out using a special probe, which is included in the equipment of each car. Before testing is necessary to warm up the engine, that is drive the car for at least 10 kilometers, and then park it on the surface, without bias, that is, the vehicle must be perfectly smooth. But do not immediately go to the engine. It is necessary to allow time for the oil to drain from the engine parts in a bath for 2-3 minutes will be sufficient. Anyone who does not know where his car is a dipstick, you should read the instructions on the management of their cars or just carefully look around the engine compartment. Typically, the probe is located next to the hole through which oil is poured into the engine.


Now you can proceed directly tomeasurement. To do this, pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a cloth or specially designed for this purpose cloth, return the probe to the place again, and gently pull out carefully examine the lower part of it. On it you will notice two bars - Min and Max. If oil marker is between these two values, the oil level should be sufficient.


Some vehicles are equipped with on-boardmachine which can independently measure the engine oil level. Preparation for the automatic measurement is the same as the first method. It should be just as well to warm up the engine, drive about 10 km and park the car on a level surface, switch off the engine, wait a few minutes. As in each vehicle system is activated the oil level check, written in the instruction manual. And everything else will be a matter of technique, the driver need only press Knop and read computer evidence.

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