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How to check the oil level correctly


How to check the oil level correctly</a>

Too low, like too high a level of oil is very harmful to the engine of the car and is able even to disable it.

To avoid this, it is necessary to take the rule to check the oil level at least once a month and without fail before the forthcoming long trip.



Virtually all modern cars are equipped withWarning lights, informing the driver about the low level of oil in the engine. But do not wait for its ignition, because it can happen quite late, when due to lack of lubrication the engine will start to pour or, as they say, knock. Moreover, such a nuisance, as a rule, occurs on the road, away from civilization, where the opportunity to acquire the required brand of motor oil is reduced to zero. Checking the oil level - a matter in the literal sense of the word minute, so it's better not to tempt destiny and conduct it at any convenient opportunity, ideally with each refueling.


The first, the most common form of verificationThe oil level is produced using a special dipstick, which is included in equipping each car. Before checking, it is necessary to warm up the motor, that is, drive at least 10 kilometers by car, then park it on the surface without a slope, that is, the car should stand absolutely smoothly. But do not immediately go to the engine. It is necessary to give time to the oil to drain from engine parts into the bath, 2-3 minutes for this will be quite enough. For those who do not know where in his car there is an oil dipstick, you should read the instructions for managing your car or just carefully look under the engine compartment. Usually, the dipstick is located next to the hole through which oil is poured into the motor.


Now you can proceed directly toMeasurement. To do this, pull the probe, wipe it with a napkin or a specially designed cloth, return the probe to its place, pull it out again and carefully inspect the lower part of it. It will be possible to notice two dashes - Min and Max. If the oil level is between these two values, the oil level can be considered sufficient.


Some cars are equipped with onboardA computer capable of independently measuring the oil level in the engine. Preparation for automatic measurement is no different from the first method. It is also necessary to warm up the motor, after driving about 10 km, park the car on a level surface, turn off the engine, wait a couple of minutes. As in each specific car the oil level check system is switched on, it is written in the instruction manual for its operation. And everything else will be a matter of technology, the driver will only need to press the button and take the computer's readings.

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