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How to properly certify the copies of documents

How to certify copies of documents

When handling virtually any organization for the service, along with the original documents must be provided and copies thereof.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the authentication of copies of the conditions prescribed in the current legislation.



A copy is considered certified when it facesdetails that confirm its authenticity and give it the most valid. These details are written on the blank area at the bottom of the document. If the document consists of several pages, the information points to the last of them. Besides multi-copy is mandatory stitched and numbered. Details are set in accordance with certain rules, which are set out in the legislation.


You can assure yourself a copy ifa head of the organization or its authorized person. However, this feature is only available provided that the legislation does not provide for this document mandatory notarization.


An obligatory condition is the presence of the words"True" without the colon or other punctuation. If the document contains multiple sheets, there is also need to specify the number of sheets. One of the acceptable options is as follows: "A copy of the 3 pages is correct." Below is the name of a person, which assures a copy of the document. Under the post is written the date when the certification of the process was carried out. Next put the stamp and signature. Signature necessarily stands for: registers the name completely, and put initials.


It is also considered an important point, which is described inwhat place is the original document, a copy of which you represent. If you collect a copy of the federal authority, to fulfill this condition must be mandatory. Do not be surprised if all of the information will bear the stamp of one (of course, except for the signature attesting) - is used to speed up the procedure and not contrary to the established norms.


Check the copy quality. This means that the text of a copied document must be clear. The copy should not contain any scuffs or dark glare, which can happen as a result of scanning for technical reasons. Otherwise, a certified copy of you will not.

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