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How to bathe a dog

From bath procedures delight comes every dog.

But since without washing can not do, we must at least make sure that swimming was not stressful for the dog, and bring positive emotions.

You will need

  • - Shampoo and conditioner for dogs - several polotenets- - cotton discs- - rascheska- - rubber bath mat.



bathing frequency depends on whetheractive dog on the street and how much time she spends there. You also need to check with your veterinarian or an expert rock is often recommended water treatments. For a number of different species of bathing can be completely different. To avoid allergic reactions in dogs on the shampoo and conditioner (if this is the first wash or a new facility), it is necessary to do the test in the crook of legs - the day before bathing is necessary to put a drop of shampoo and conditioner. If there is no irritation, you can safely wash your pet.


Long-haired dogs need to dip gently but thoroughly comb, a pair of scissors to cut off mats.


The water in the bath should be poured so that it reachesonly until the middle of the clutches. To prevent damage to the bath, you need to lay it in a rubber mat, which also will protect your pet from slipping and falling. The dog may be nervous, so it is necessary to speak softly, stroking. When the tub is full, put the dog inside and start washing. It is necessary to water the animal out of the shower or using a scoop of warm water to wet the entire coat.


Wash the dog must be strictly shampoo for dogs. If it is not, in any case, do not experiment with shampoos for humans - they designed a completely different skin PH. Shampoo is applied in small doses, dog shampooed smooth movements extending from head to tail.


When the washing process is completed, the water should be drained and then you can begin to wash the shampoo, making sure he did not go under the ears, on the belly or under the tail.


for dogs Air conditioning is not necessary, but forlong-haired dogs is recommended to use it to facilitate the process of combing. Air-conditioning is necessary to put a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


After all the procedures you need the dog back in thebath towel and wrap the wet well. Wipe long-haired dogs do not need, because it can go awry wool. A couple of towels need to lay on the floor. Drafts in the apartment should not be all the time until your pet dry.

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