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How to properly bathe a dog


How to properly bathe a dog</a>

Not every dog ​​comes to delight from bathing procedures.

But since you can not do without washing, at least make it so that bathing does not become stressful for the dog, but brings positive emotions.

You will need

  • - shampoo and conditioner for dogs- - several towels- - cotton-wool discs- - comb- - rubber bath mat.



The frequency of bathing depends on how muchThe dog is active on the street and how long she spends there. Also it is necessary to clarify with a veterinarian or breed expert how often water procedures are recommended. For different breeds the amount of bathing can be completely different. To avoid an allergic reaction in the dog to shampoo and conditioner (if this is the first wash or a new remedy), you need to do a test on the bend of the paw - the day before bathing you need to apply a drop of shampoo and conditioner. If there is no irritation, you can safely wash the pet.


Long-haired dogs before bathing should be carefully, but carefully combed, cut off the knuckles with scissors.


Water in the bath must be poured in such a way that it reachesOnly to the middle of the paws. In order not to damage the bath, you need to put a rubber mat in it, which will also protect your pet from slipping and falling. A dog can be nervous, so it is necessary to talk to her tenderly, to iron. When the bath is full, place the dog inside and proceed with the washing. It is necessary to pour the animal from the shower or with the help of a scoop with warm water to wet all the hair.


Wash the dog thoroughly with dog shampoo. If it is not, do not experiment with shampoos for people at all - they are designed completely for another PH skin. The shampoo is applied in small doses, the dog is soaped with smooth movements going from head to tail.


When the washing process is completed, the water must be drained and after that you can begin to wash the shampoo, making sure that it does not stay under your ears, on your belly or under your tail.


Dog food is not required, but forLong-haired dogs it is recommended to use it to facilitate the process of combing. The conditioner should be put on for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


After the end of all procedures, the dog needs to beWrap the bath with a towel and get wet. Wipe the long-haired dogs do not need, because the wool may get tangled. A couple more towels will be required to bed on the floor. Skvoznyakov in the apartment should not be all the while while your pet dries.

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