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How to make a car correctly


How to make a car correctly</a>

The purchase of a car is undoubtedly a joy for the buyer.

However, in order to avoid problems with the traffic police in the future, and the purchase continues to please you, you need to properly document the new car.



When buying a car, check the entries in thePassport of the vehicle. It should specify the main technical characteristics of the machine, identifiers, information about the owner and information about whether the car is registered or not. If in the showroom you did not get a temporary (transit) license plate, then within 5 days you must put the car on the account at the traffic police. The presence of the transit number increases this period to 20 days.


Take a technical inspection (TO). To do this, pay in the traffic police ticket for the inspection (300 rubles.) And go to any accredited maintenance operator. The inspection is carried out with the help of diagnostic equipment and at the end, with a successful result, you will be issued a diagnostic card.


Compulsory insurance (MTPL policy). Note that to complete this document, you will need a valid diagnostic card. The choice of an insurance company needs to be approached carefully, despite the fact that the Internet is full of offers. Choose only reliable firms, otherwise in case the company goes bankrupt, your insurance will depreciate.


Prepare for the registration of the machine necessarydocumentation. The main document confirming the completed transaction is a sales contract (check the contract with a notary). Any contract must be accompanied by: an act of acceptance-transfer (indicating that you actually received the car) and a receipt-account (confirms that the seller received money from you). Also in the traffic police need to provide a passport and a receipt for paying taxes and a car.


Pay all necessary state fees to arrange a car. Issue of a permanent license plate will cost you 1,5 thousand rubles, and a certificate of registration of transport in 300 rubles.

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