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How to draw a car

Car purchase, of course, is a joy for buying.

However, to further no problems with the traffic police, and continued to delight you buy, you must correctly execute documents on the new machine.



When buying a car, check entriesvehicle passport. It should be spelled out the basic technical characteristics of the machine, identifiers, information about the owner and the information about the vehicle is put on the account or not. If Motor will not issue a temporary (transit) number plate, so within 5 days you have to put the car on the account in GAI. The presence of the transit number increases during this period to 20 days.


Go through technical inspection (MOT). To do this, pay at the traffic pass on passing inspection (300 rub.) And go to any operator accredited MOT. Inspection is carried out using the diagnostic equipment and at the end if successful you will be issued at the hands of a diagnostic chart.


Apply for liability insurance (MTPL policy). Note that for the registration of this document, you will need a valid diagnostic chart. By choosing an insurance company should be approached carefully, despite the fact that the Internet is replete with suggestions. Choose only reliable firms, or if the company goes bankrupt, your insurance will depreciate.


Prepare for Your car neededdocumentation. The main document certifying the accomplished a deal - a contract of sale (check the contract at the notary). For any contract must be accompanied by: an act of reception and transmission (it says that you really got the car) and receipt account (confirms that the seller has received the money from you). Also, the traffic police have to provide identification and proof of payment of taxes and bought a car.


Pay all required state fees to issue the machine. Issuance of a permanent license plate will cost you 1.5 thousand. Rub., And a certificate of vehicle registration is 300 rubles.

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