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How to properly apply a tan


How to properly apply a tan</a>

The advantages of self-tanning are obvious to everyone - this is the absence of risk of sunburn, and how quickly you can get the perfect shade of the skin.

Its main drawback, because of which many women do not use self-tanning, is the complexity of the application.

Preparation for application

It is undesirable to apply self-tanning before bedtime. Otherwise, firstly, the bed linen may have ugly spots that will be extremely difficult to withdraw. But secondly, what is even more unpleasant, stains can remain on your skin. It is best to conduct the procedure in the morning.
To shave legs this day is undesirable, as the cream can lay unevenly.
Before using a cream or spray for self-tanning, you need to thoroughly clean the face and body. It is best to use a scrub or a hard loofah for this.
Keep in mind that applying the cream immediately afterwardsBathing is impossible - the skin should be perfectly dry, otherwise the appearance of stains and divorces can not be avoided. In an extreme case, if you do not have too much time, carefully wipe with a towel and dry the skin with a hair dryer.
On the elbows and folds of the knees, apply a little lotion for the body, otherwise the skin in these places will be darker than on other sites.


It is best to apply self-tanning, putting on your handsLatex gloves. If there are no gloves, wash your hands often (and carefully wipe!) Your hands if you do not want your palms to turn bright orange. Pay special attention to the skin between the fingers - it is painted most.
Begin applying the tan from the bottom up - starting with the feet. Squeeze the cream out of the tube a little. It is best to apply the product on the skin with even long strokes, carefully rubbing.

A few minutes after application, when the cream slightly dry, you can rub the skin with a terry towel or a dry wool-glove.

After autosunburn

Try not only not to dress right after applying the tan (at least 15-20 minutes), but also not sit down and do not lean to anything.
Eliminate water procedures on this day, and inThe first hours after application in general, try not to drop a single drop of water on the skin. Do not wear light-colored clothes on this day, as traces may remain on it. Do not use any moisturizers for several hours.
In addition, this day is not worth doing sports or go out to the hot sun. The sweat on the skin can negate all your efforts.

In order to keep the color of your tan, it should be renewed from time to time (once every two weeks).

If all these wisdoms seem too much to youComplex, you can use a moisturizing lotion for the body with an easy tan effect instead of an autosunburn. In this case, the desired effect will be achieved not immediately, but for several days, but the color will lie on the skin more evenly.

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