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How to apply self-tanning

The benefits are obvious to all tanning - that no risk of burn in the sun, and how quickly you can buy the perfect skin tone.

The main drawback is his, because of which a lot of women do not use self-tanning - is the complexity of the application.

Preparation for Application

It is undesirable to apply the tan before going to bed. Otherwise, firstly, on the bedding may remain unsightly stains, which would be extremely difficult to withdraw. But secondly, what is even more unpleasant, and spots may remain on your skin. It is best to carry out the procedure in the first half of the day.
Shaving legs that day is undesirable because the cream can go smoothly.
Before using the cream or spray tanning is necessary to very carefully clean the skin of the face and body. It is best to use for this scrub or loofah tough.
Keep in mind that immediately after apply the creamcan not swim - the skin must be perfectly dry, otherwise the appearance of spots and streaks can not be avoided. In an extreme case, if you do not have too much time, carefully wipe dry the skin with a towel and with a hair dryer.
On elbows and knees folds, apply some lotion for the body, otherwise the skin in these places is darker than in other areas.


It is best to apply the tan, wearing on his handslatex gloves. If there are no gloves, wash more often (and carefully wipe!) Hands, if you do not want to become the palm of bright orange. Particular attention is paid to the skin between the toes - she painted the most.
Begin to apply self-tanning from the bottom up - from the feet. Cream is squeezed from a tube slowly. The right thing to impose on skin smooth long strokes, carefully rubbing.

A few minutes after application, when the cream is slightly dries, you can rub the skin with a terry towel or dry washcloth-gloves.

After tanning

Try not only to dress immediately after application of self-tanning (at least 15-20 minutes), but do not sit down and nowhere to lean.
Eliminate this day water treatment, and inthe first hours after the application of generally try to ensure that no drop of water fell on the skin. Do not wear in the day light colored clothing, since it may leave traces. Within a few hours, do not use any moisturizer.
In addition, on this day it is not necessary to do sports or go to the hot sun. Pot, speaking on the skin, can negate all your efforts.

To make the color of your tan maintained, it should be from time to time (once every one to two weeks) renovate.

If all the wisdom that you feel are toocomplex, can be used instead of tanning moisturizing body lotion with a light tanning effect. In this case, the desired effect is not achieved immediately, and within a few days, but the color will form and uniformly on the skin.

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