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How to properly rotate vegetables


Alternation of cultures</a>

To achieve successful cultivation of certain vegetables, it is necessary to follow the rules of alternation of crops, that is, crop rotation.

Growing the same vegetables in one place, good harvests can not wait.

"Fatigue" of the soil is a phenomenon thatIs due to the cultivation of vegetable crops on the same site. Plants from year to year take the nutrients out of the earth, and they themselves release into the soil a whole set of other substances, including the products of vital activity. In addition, remains of rhizomes and stems remain in the ground. All these factors delay the growth and development of plants, as well as provoke an increase in the number of pests and pathogens. Therefore, in order to get a good harvest of healthy vegetables, it is recommended to alternate crops, in advance preparing a plan for future planting.

The more vegetables are grown on the plot, theIt will be easier to carry out the alternation of crops. It is important to change places not only beds with vegetables, but also areas with strawberries, and ornamental plants. When planting crops it is important to know how to treat certain plants to fresh manure and other fertilizers. Some vegetables respond well to the introduction of fresh manure. These include: cauliflower, white-head, Brussels, broccoli, cucumbers, beetroot, asparagus, leeks, melon, pumpkin, rhubarb and some others. But there are plants that do not tolerate fresh manure, and it is recommended to plant them on those areas where it was not introduced. Therefore, the garden is best divided into two parts: one brings fresh manure, the second is liming. If the crop rotation includes strawberries, then the garden is divided into 3 parts.

To make the most of your site,Allocated for vegetables, it is recommended to plant not only the main crops, but also stubbly. In addition, the method of compaction of cultures can be applied. That is, next to the main vegetables planted plants, which have a short vegetation period. However, with such cultivation of crops you need to know which plants can grow near, and which will oppress one another.

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