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Most people do not see much difference betweenthe words "fire" and "fireman", but the fire brigade fighters usually are very sensitive to the name of his profession, each time adjusting those who are trying to call them firefighters.

What is the fundamental difference between these concepts?

Linguists do not see the difference

From the point of view of linguistics, "firefighter" willa true symbol of profession, by analogy with the words "polar" or "oil man", but the Russian language, there are many examples of how a particular rule "gives in" to an established tradition. Historically, to refer to a member of the fire brigade used the adjective "fire" and the word "firefighter" appeared only in the late XIX century and once had no taste fighters fire protection.
Professional firefighters began to callfiremen members of the so-called voluntary fire brigades, who had neither form nor special tools. Thus, stressed the separation between professionals and amateurs, and neglect of the first to the second. Despite the fact that the dictionaries in the majority believe the word "fire" and "firefighter" synonymous with fire fighters themselves are convinced that it is not.

Additional values

Literally from the moment of its appearance word"Fireman" was of significance not only neutral, but also an additional estimated. So, at the beginning of the XX century in Moscow firefighters called people posing as victims of fires. Most of these were professional beggars who came to Moscow from nearby provinces to collect money "to Pogoreloye."
In addition, in criminal jargon firefighter - itthief who arranges or fires to steal valuables, using panic or looting during fire fighting. Some fighters Fire Department argued that firefighters - those who started the fire at all its victims. Finally, there is an insect beetle firefighter, whose official name is - red-soldier beetle.
Chances are, historically, this division stillIt rests at a time when professional fire brigades began to oppose itself to fans, and all additional explanations and value neutral, in principle, the word "firefighter" came later. For example, in the middle of the last century in the Soviet Union there was even a special award badge "Honorary firefighter", and handing it does not fire victims, criminal figures or bugs, and people who distinguished themselves in the course of fighting a fire.
Many researchers believe that the use ofboth options is competent, and the conviction with fire fighters that their profession is called "fire", in fact, is based solely on the jargon and is an attempt to once again separate themselves from "man in the street." The principal difference between the concepts of notice only the fire, but most people do not distinguish between the fireman and fireman.

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