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How it is correct - the fireman or the fireman?</a>

Most people do not see a big difference betweenWith the words "fireman" and "fireman", but fire fighters, as a rule, are very sensitive to the name of their profession, each time correcting those who try to call them firefighters.

What is the fundamental difference between these concepts?

Linguists do not see the difference

From the point of view of linguistics, the "fireman" will beMore faithful designation of the profession by analogy with the words "polar explorer" or "oilman", but in Russian there are many examples of how this or that rule "folds" before the established tradition. Historically, the fire brigade member used the adjective "fireman", and the word "firefighter" appeared only at the end of the XIX century and immediately did not like the fire fighters.
Professional firefighters began to be calledFirefighters members of the so-called voluntary fire brigades, which had no form, no special means. Thus, the division between professionals and amateurs was emphasized, and the disdainful attitude of the first to the second. Despite the fact that the explanatory dictionaries for the most part consider the words "firefighter" and "fireman" to be synonymous, the fighters themselves with fire are convinced that this is not so.

Additional values

Literally from the moment of its appearance the word"Firefighter" was not only of neutral importance, but also an additional assessment. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century firemen in Moscow called people who pretended to be victims of fires. Most often these were professional beggars who came to Moscow from the nearby provinces to collect money "on the burnt".
In addition, in the criminal jargon, a firefighter isA thief who either arranges fires to steal valuables, taking advantage of panic, or looting during extinguishing a fire. Some fire fighters say that firemen are those who caused the fire in general, its victims. Finally, there is an insect beetle firefighter, the official name of which is a red-legged fly-mill.
Most likely, historically this division is stillRests in the period when professional fire brigade teams began to oppose themselves to amateurs, and all additional explanations and meanings of the neutral, in principle, words "firefighter" appeared later. For example, in the middle of the last century in the Soviet Union there was even a special badge "Honorary Fireman", and it was not given to fire victims, criminal figures or beetles, but to people who distinguished themselves in the course of extinguishing the fire.
Many researchers believe that the use ofBoth options is eligible, and the conviction of fighters against fire that their profession is called "fireman", in fact, is based only on professional jargon and is an attempt to once again separate themselves from the "inhabitants". The principal difference between concepts is noticed only by firemen themselves, and most people do not distinguish between a fireman and a fireman.

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