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Proper feeding chinchillas

Proper feeding chinchillas

Proper nutrition - the guarantee of health, beauty and long life of chinchillas.

These rodents all depends on the digestion, but the gastrointestinal tract is very weak.

You will need

  • - Food-granulate
  • - Food with prebiotics
  • - lure
  • - Branches of fruit trees
  • - hay



Pick up for her chinchilla qualitymain feed-granulate in the store. The composition should be grass (grass meal, cellulose), ash, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, grain and vegetables. And nothing more! Good food from the German, Belgian, Dutch manufacturers.


Pick lure. It can be found in the store, but you can prepare yourself. It should include: dried fruits (apples), berries (hawthorn, currant, juniper), dried vegetables (carrots), roots (chicory, sweet flag, dandelion), dried leaves (raspberry, birch, currant, Hibiscus), carob, pumpkin seed, buckwheat.


On the one feeding the main food should go 1.5-2 tablespoons. Care should be taken to chinchilla ate food completely. Feed 1-2 times.


Treats should be given under the scheme. For instance, on Monday we can give one piece of apple, Tuesday 1 Thing Carob, Wednesday 1 Thing dried carrots, berries on Thursday 2, Friday 1 pumpkin seeds, a couple of leaves on Saturday. On Sunday break.


In the cage should always be hay. Small beam chinchilla should eat it completely. It is necessary to push the food down the esophagus and grinding of teeth.


The cell must always be water. Bottled or boiled. Change needed in a day.


For teeth in the cage should be branches of fruit trees, stones and salt mineral stones. Healthy teeth chinchillas should be orange.

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