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RIGHT feeding chinchilla


Proper feeding of a chinchilla</a>

Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health, beauty and long life of chinchillas.

In these rodents, everything depends on digestion, but the gastrointestinal tract is very weak.

You will need

  • - feed-granulate
  • - food with prebiotics
  • - complementary foods
  • - branches of fruit trees
  • - hay



Choose for your chinchilla qualityThe main food-granulate in the store. The composition should be herbs (herb flour, fiber), ashes, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, grains, vegetables. And nothing more! Good feed from German, Belgian, Dutch producers.


Choose the lure. You can find it in the store, or you can prepare it yourself. It should include: dried fruits (apples), berries (hawthorn, currant, juniper), dried vegetables (carrots), roots (chicory, ayr, dandelion), dried leaves (raspberry, birch, currant, carcade), crab, pumpkin Seed, buckwheat.


For one feeding the main food should take 1.5-2 tablespoons. It is necessary to watch that the chinchilla ate the food completely. Feed 1-2 times.


Treats must be given according to the scheme. For example, on Monday, you can give 1 piece of apple, on Tuesday 1 carob, on Wednesday 1 piece of dried carrots, on Thursday 2 berries, on Friday 1 pumpkin seed, on Saturday a couple of leaves. Sunday break.


There must always be hay in the cage. A small bunch, chinchilla must eat it completely. It is necessary for pushing food through the esophagus and stitching the teeth.


There must always be water in the cage. Bottled or boiled. You need to change every other day.


For the teeth in the cage there should be twigs of fruit trees, salt stones and mineral stones. Healthy teeth in chinchillas should be orange.

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