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Proper care of azalea

Proper care of azalea

Azalea - very demanding and capricious plant. For proper growth and proper development of the plant is necessary to provide special conditions and daily competent care.

In gratitude, the azalea will give you a long and lush flowering.

Azalea feels comfortable at a temperature of+ 10-15 degrees. In the summer particularly acute problem of establishing a permanent temperature level. That is why in most cases, the plant hardly blooms during this period. In particularly hot days, put a pot of azaleas in a shaded place, avoiding sunlight.

The soil should always be moist but not soggy. Otherwise rots the root system and the plant will die. For irrigation use soft water. If you make a drying soil and azaleas beginning to throw off the leaves and buds, add the lemon juice into the water - 10 drops per liter of liquid.

Another important factor in the development ofazaleas, it is the high humidity. At room conditions it is difficult to maintain at a certain level. In a deep pan Lay moss or pebbles and fill with water. On top put a pot with a plant. Furthermore, azalea needs daily spraying the leaves. And spraying have to be small, because of the large spots remain.

For the dressing, use only the fertilizer intended for azaleas. They contain substances that are needed for its full development.

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