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How to propagate a plant


How to propagate a plant</a>

Some plants are more suitable for sowing seeds. Perennials grow faster, if you plant a rhizome.

Some vegetables are propagated by tubers. Trees - scions.

Fruit bushes are cuttings.

But no matter how you multiply the plants, the main thing is to observe the agrotechnics.

You will need

  • Seeds, cuttings, rhizomes, soil, shovel, fertilizers, water, watering can



Propagate annual vegetable plants with seeds. To do this, tie up the ropes, the most suited to consumer qualities. When they bloom and begin to form seeds, cover them with gauze. This will protect you from the biting of birds. Let the seeds ripen. If there is a threat of nocturnal frosts, tear out the seed boxes with a small part of the stem, tie them into bundles and hang them on the veranda or in the shed for ripening. When the seeds start to crumble freely, they can be collected in paper bags, signed and cleaned until the spring. Multiplying plants with seeds is one of the simplest ways to provide themselves with a variety crop.


Serve the rhizomes of such perennial vegetables,Like horseradish and rhubarb. To do this, in the autumn or early spring, excavate the mother's bush, carefully detach the part of the rhizome with the sleeping prick with a sharp pruner. Plant the plants on organic fertilizers and mineral fertilizers with plenty of watered soil. Sorrel, chives, and other similar perennial plants are most conveniently multiplied, taking out part of the "plot". Dig out a few specimens thickening the planting, transplant to another bed. Pre-disconnect if necessary. Similarly, groundcover perennial flower beds and flowers are propagated.


Cut a few sprigs of black or redCurrants. Cut off the upper and lower parts so that there are cuttings with 5-7 buds. Put them in water, which dissolve 1 tsp. Ideal. When the cuttings give roots, they can be planted in the "school" for nurturing. In the autumn of next year, the seedlings will be ready for transplantation to a permanent place. Another way of breeding shrub plants is by dropping. Unbend the 3-4 lower branches, each one by pinning the wooden spear to the ground, sprinkle with composted earth, and if necessary, water it with not very cold water. At the end of the season (when springing) or next year (if buried in autumn), the branches will grow independent roots. They can be cut with a secateur, dig out and transplanted to a permanent location.

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