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How to propagate the plant

How to propagate the plant

Some plants better to sow the seeds. Perennials grow faster if sit rhizome.

Some vegetables propagated by tubers. Trees - scions.

A fruit bushes - cuttings.

But whatever way you are not propagated plants, the main thing - to observe the agricultural techniques.

You will need

  • seeds, cuttings, roots, soil, shovel, fertilizers, water, watering



Propagate annual plants vegetable seeds. To do this, tie with string copies, most suiting consumer qualities. When they begin to bloom and form seeds, cover them with gauze. This protects you from biting birds. Allow the seeds to ripen. If there was a threat of night frosts, tear off the seed box with a small part of the stem, tie in bunches and hang on the veranda or in the barn on ripening. When the seeds begin to crumble freely, they can be collected in paper bags, sign and remove before the spring. Propagated plants seeds - one of the easiest ways to ensure yourself varietal crop.


Seated roots of perennial vegetableslike horseradish and rhubarb. To do this in the fall or early spring dig maternal bush, carefully pull off the sharp shears of the rhizome with dormant buds. Seedling plants for fertilizers and organic fertilizers abundantly watered soil. Sorrel, chives and other similar perennials most conveniently propagated by removing part of a "plot." Dig some instances, thickening planting, transplant to another flower bed. Pre-disconnect if necessary. Similarly, the ground cover perennial flower beds propagated plants and flowers.


Cut a few sprigs of black or redcurrant. Cut the top and bottom so that the cuttings were left with 5-7 buds. Put them in water, which dissolve 1 tsp "Ideal". When the cuttings will root, they can be planted in the "school" on Rearing. In the autumn of next year, the seedlings are ready for transplanting to a permanent place. Another way of breeding roses plants - dripping. 3-4 Bend the lower branches, each individually prishpilte wooden spear to the ground, sprinkle compost soil, watering as needed is not very cold water. At the end of the season (in the spring pipetting) or the next year (if dripped fall) branches grow out from independent roots. They can be cut shears, dig and transplant to a permanent place.

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