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HOW propagate Decembrist

How to propagate the Decembrist

Neat and well cultivated Schlumbergertruncated or Schlumberger Boucle (exactly these types of favored Russian growers), better known among the people called Decembrist or Zigokaktus consistently pleases its owners lush blooms during the winter months. According to statements by psychologists, this flower helps to survive the prolonged winter lonely and prone to depression people.

For that alone he can say thank you. True fans of the Decembrists always happy to share their flower to those who have not.

Propagate it is simple enough.



Wait until the Decembrist flourish (usually late February), and separate the several end pieces (cuttings) plants. Each of them must have a segment 2-3. They are separated very easily.


Place the cuttings in the paper and leave it for 1-2 days for podvyalivaniya in the dark, but a well-ventilated place.


While podvyalivayut cuttings, prepare the ground. Take the 1 st part of the sheet, sod and peat lands, 1 part river sand and a little brick crumbs. At the bottom of the pot arrange drainage from the expanded clay. If you can not prepare the soil itself, buy in specialized stores land for cacti. Pour the ground in a large and shallow pot.


Cuttings put in wetlandsvertically, not recessed (as if they must stand on the ground). To speed up the process of rooting, you can cover the pot with foil or a jar. Do not forget from time to time to air landing. Watering is moderate with warm water, do not spill the entire layer of the earth to drain.


As soon as you see the emergence of new cuttings onsegments, remove the tape and begin to take care of the Decembrists, both for an adult plant. That is watering defended water at room temperature (the flower does not tolerate cold water), do not allow excess moisture to prevent rotting and withering away of the roots.

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