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How to propagate a cyclamen


How to propagate a cyclamen</a>

Cyclamen is a beautiful flowering plant, ideal for growing at home. Due to its peculiarity bloom in the winter, it has gained immense popularity among the florists.

The most common method of reproduction of the cyclamen is the division of the tuber.



At rest, remove the tuber from the soil, dry it and gently cut it into pieces. Take into account that on each delenka must remain a self-sufficient root system and kidney.


Dry a few slices in a dark dry place inDuring the day. Next, treat the delenki with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, activated carbon or another antiseptic (do not use chemicals).


Season the pieces on separate pots. Pick up a small pot, so that the distance between the tuber and the edges is not more than 2-3 cm. At the bottom, always lay the drainage. Soil is used special, it can be purchased in any large supermarket or in specialized stores. Before you fall asleep in the pot, steal it and treat it with a warm solution of potassium permanganate, as cyclamen is prone to pest damage.


Do not forget to look after a young plantCyclamen. Optimal location of the flower is a bright, cool place. The first 2-3 weeks of cyclamen should be watered sparingly, when the first leaves are formed, watering should be increased. With careful care, the cyclamen pleases its owners with extraordinary flowering for many years.

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