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How to propagate cacti


How to propagate cacti</a>

Every year more varieties of cacti appear in stores. And they are so diverse that some species can please even the biggest enemy of thorns!

And if you still have not had a chance to haveAt home at least one cactus, it is worth trying to start it. In addition to the fact that cacti are easy to care for, they can easily be propagated: by seeds, cuttings, babies and by vaccination



Reproduction of cacti by seeds
To do this, you need a low pot, on the bottomWhich is necessary to lay a layer of drainage, a layer of loose leaf earth and a layer of river sand (all one third of the plate). Moisten the soil from the spray gun. Using a wet stick, lay the seeds on the surface of the soil, slightly pressing and covering with glass or a transparent package. Ploshke put on a warm (about 30 degrees) sunny place, periodically ventilating and removing condensation. After a while (from two days to a month? Depending on the type of cactus) shoots will appear. Dive seedlings best when there is something like spines or even hairs. At what to do it it is necessary together with a lump of the earth on which the seedling grew.

Razmnozenie semenami


Reproduction of cacti by cuttings propagation
Cactus stalk? This part of his body. The reasons for cutting the cuttings in single-stem cacti can be different. More often ? Rotting roots, or the need for children. Cutting is the best way to multiply the rest (for example, prickly pears and ripsalidopsis). Cuttings of cacti should be cut off with a sharp clean knife in one step, so as not to damage the uterine plant. The cuttings are allowed to dry for 2 to 7 days to form a protective film (callus) at the cut site. Drying should be done in an upright position, so that the roots form at the bottom of the cut. After that, the cactus stalk is planted in a mixture for cacti (you can buy ready-made in the store) and the first time (about a month) is not watered. About a week later the cactus will begin to give roots.

Kaktus s odnim steblem


Reproduction of cacti by children
The most simple and harmless for uterine plantsMethod of reproduction. As a rule, detach the baby from the cactus by twisting, or cut with a sharp knife. The best time for breeding is spring and summer? Period of growth of cacti. Just like cuttings, cactus babies should be dried for a week in a dry, warm place in an upright position. And then plant in a substrate for cacti. Before the appearance of roots should be watered carefully.

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Cactus inoculation
The way of reproduction of cacti is not for beginners! This method is chosen, most often, when Cacti With difficulty live independently, or can notTo bloom. And here, of course, it is important that the cactus on which the vaccine is produced has a good root system and is healthy. In addition, it is necessary to select the same size plants.
On vaccinated and uterine? Cactus is made equal sections with a sharp clean knife. Then the freshly cut mid-cacti are tightly pressed against each other (for this purpose it is best to stretch the thread on the top of the cactus and fix it on the pot on both sides). The pot is put in a warm sunny place (but without direct sunlight) for about two weeks. Water should be moderate, not leading to complete drying of the soil. After 2 weeks, the threads can be removed and gradually accustom the plant to the bright sun. Try different ways of breeding cacti and choose the one with which you will be more interesting to work with!

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