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How to pronounce the letter "p"


Sound P appears in children in speech for years to 5</a>

A rare child, hardly speaking,Pronounces all the sounds at once and correctly, but if the voiceless voices are only touched by the first, then in the future, non-speaking of individual sounds can turn into a serious logopedic problem.

Particularly intractable in this regard is the sound of P, very often parents have to turn to specialists for his correct statement.



Of course, light cardarity gives a specialThe charm of speech and can become even a kind of a highlight that its owner will be proud of, but often the wrong pronunciation of the letter P interferes with daily life, and can even become a serious obstacle in matters of promotion on the career ladder. Therefore, the earlier parents turn to a speech therapist, doing additionally with the child on their own, the faster and easier it will be to surrender the ill-fated sound. If up to 5-6 years you can somehow still hope that the problem will be solved by itself, then older children can not do without support.


Usually children cunning, non-receiving sound in theirSpeech they mask under similar sounds, such as B or L. The most frequent reason for non-speaking is the incorrect setting of the language. The child simply does not know what movements he needs to produce with the language and a few simple exercises will be able to solve the problem. Having pronounced the sound correctly at least once, he can no longer forget it, his speech will become clear and correct. But before starting to practice, remember, any exercises need to be presented to the child, playfully. Only the game will interest the young fidget, cause in it the desire to engage and go stubbornly to the goal.


Sit the child in front of you, offer himPlay in? Clean teeth ?. Having stretched out your mouth in a smile, begin to clean the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth with your tongue, the lower jaw must not move at all. Such an exercise will allow the child to consciously control the movements of the tongue, it is better to feel it in the mouth. Cuckle with your tongue, pretending to be a horse. Offer the child to tease, sticking out his tongue between the teeth, blowing the air. All these exercises will not only improve articulation, but also bring great pleasure to you and your ward.

The next stage will beDirectly to the sound R. Ask the child to pronounce the sound of D, let him try to do it with a high frequency, simulating the sound of the starting motor. At some point, with a clean wooden spatula, try to move the tip of the tongue inward. Immediately in the speech will slip the desired R,? Motor? Get started, enjoy it with the baby together.


After a couple of hours or days of such training with yourChild P will be obtained easily and at ease. It's time to fix a new skill. The tongue twisters are the best for this. The child himself will like to loudly recite a quick tongue about the famous Greek, and you will forget about the existing problem very soon. But remember, not everything is always obtained from the first time, if the child refuses to engage in, he is sluggish and moody, in any case do not scold him. Strictness and blame, you will achieve absolutely the opposite effect, the child can become locked in himself and generally stop talking. Love, affection and good mood on the contrary will allow you to achieve results very quickly and your child will learn to pronounce the sound of P easily and at ease

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