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Sound P appears in children by the age of five speech

Rare baby, barely beginning to talk,pronounces all the sounds immediately and correctly, but if pervosti muffled voices just touches, over time nevygovarivanie individual sounds can become a serious problem of speech therapy.

Particularly intractable in this regard is the sound of P, very often the parents have to go to professionals for its correct formulation.



Of course, light burr emphasizesthe charm of speech and may even become a kind of highlight that its owner will be proud of, but often incorrect pronunciation of the letter P interferes with daily life, and can even become a serious impediment in the promotion of the career ladder. Therefore, the sooner the parents turn to a speech therapist, engaging further with the child on their own, the faster and easier to submit to the ill-fated sound. If 5-6 years can somehow still hope that the problem will resolve itself, the older children without the support no longer do.


Children usually tricky nepoluchaetsya sound in hisspeech they mask under the similar sounds, such as B or F. The most common cause nevygovarivaniya becomes incorrect statement language. The child does not know what movements he needs to make the language and some simple exercises may be able to solve the problem. After uttering the sound correctly at least once, he can not forget it, his speech is clear and correct. But before embarking on the course, remember any exercise you need to present your child playfully. Only the game will interest young fidget, cause in him a desire to engage in and go hard to the goal.


Seat the child in front of him, offer himplay? clean teeth ?. Stretching his mouth into a smile, start to clean the inner and outer surface of the teeth by means of language, while the lower jaw should not move. This exercise will allow the child to consciously control the movements of the tongue, it is better to feel it in your mouth. Clicked his tongue, depicting a horse. Invite a child to tease, his tongue between his teeth, while blowing air. These exercises not only will improve the articulation, but also a great pleasure for both you and your mentee.

The next step will be to movedirectly to the sound R. Have your child say the sound of D, let him try to do it with great frequency, imitating the sound of the motor winding. At some point, try a clean wooden spatula to move the tip of the tongue inside. Here in the speech desired slip P,? Motor? I wound, Rejoice with this baby together.


After a couple of hours or days of your employmentbaby P will be obtained with ease. There will come the time to secure new skill. How is the best suited for this patter. The child himself will like to recite out loud patter about the famous Greek, and there was a problem you will forget very soon. But remember, not everything always work the first time, if the child refuses to engage, it is languid and capricious, in any case, do not scold him. Blame rigor and you will achieve the exact opposite effect, the child may turn inward and generally stop talking. Love, kindness and good humor on the other hand will allow to achieve very fast results and your child will learn to utter sound P with ease

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