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How to promote the development of the personality

Be harmoniously developed personality

Some people do not question the need for continuous development of their own personality, but do not know where to start cultivation.

Make a plan for your personal growth and your life will be brighter.



Read quality literature. It can be works of art or world classics documentary chronicles, contemporary literature or books, covering the scientific aspects. Good literature will help you develop the imagination, to diversify the oral and written language. The person who reads a lot and thus selective in reading, has good logic can express their thoughts correctly, clearly and precisely, has a large vocabulary.


Learn something new. It is important to not only develop in a professional sense, but also to discover new horizons, to get involved in a variety of occupations. Learn one or two foreign languages, communicate with representatives of other countries through the Internet in their native language. Go to design courses or in drawing school for adults, the master anything or do needlework. Learn basic any extreme sport, jump with a parachute or visit the climbing wall. Writes on various master classes. There are many interesting activities, from chess to dance, from origami to ikebana, from horticulture to astronomy. Attend cultural events. Walk to museums, exhibitions, theater and concerts.


Have your own opinion about what is happeningaround you. To do this, firstly, it is important to be less sensitive to public opinion and to pay less attention to the stereotypes in society. Otherwise, you will not live with your mind, and the mind of the crowd. Secondly, it is necessary to study the situation in the world of politics, economics, finance, religion, culture, medicine and science. Then you will understand the realities of the present time and be politically and economically literate person. Those whose outlook is not limited to work, family and home, and may know more than the individual, which closed in his own little world.

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