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How to promote the market


How to promote the market</a>

A market is a sales area that isRent under the pavilions of trade orientation. In case you decided to do this type of business, you should initially calculate where in the city from which you can make the most profit.

This is necessary for the tenants to see the obvious promise of development in this direction and were ready to cooperate with you.

In the event that competitors were not taken into account, you can incur large losses.



Choose a place for the market, so that itWas in a residential area and at the same time was located in the distance from major shopping centers. In the event that there is a grocery supermarket nearby, sellers will only be dumped.


Once you have chosen a place, look for those who are ready to rent space in the market. Place ads in newspapers, on the Internet, on the radio. Hire a distributor of printed ads.


After the initial membership of the tenantsWill be ready, proceed to the advertising campaign. Opening the market is best to start with the stock, and as people associate markets with cheap products, the best action will be a share of discounts. Agree with those who rent from you a trading area that three or four days the price of food will be thirty percent lower than usual. Explain to them what exactly this will help.


The advertising campaign should be orientedPrimarily on the older generation, as the most prone to buying products in cheap places. Pock up advertisements on the entrances of houses that are in the market area, use mailboxes to distribute promotional products, actively advertise in newspapers.


Regularly spend "Days of discounts" with an accompanying advertising campaign in order to maximize the interest of visitors to the market.

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