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How to promote market

How to promote market

Market - a business area, which is leased torent halls for trade focus. If you decide to engage in this kind of business, you should initially calculated, you can extract the maximum profit in any place of the city from it.

This is necessary to ensure that tenants vidili obvious prospects for development in this area and were willing to cooperate with you.

If not taken into account competitors, you may incur significant losses.



Choose a place for the market, so that itIt was in a residential area and at the same time was away from major shopping centers. In case, if there is a supermarket, sellers will only dump.


Once you have selected the place, looking for those who are willing to rent space on the market. Place ads in newspapers, on the Internet, on the radio. Hire a distributor of printed advertisements.


After the primary structure arendovateleyis ready, start advertising dripping. Market opening is best to start with the action, as well as people associated markets with cheap products, the best action will campaign discounts. Agree with those who rents you a trading area that three or four days the price of the products will be thirty percent lower than usual. Explain to them what exactly it will help.


The campaign should be focusedespecially older generation, as the most prone to purchase products in the cheap seats. Putting up advertisements on the entrances of houses, which are located in the market area, use mailboxes for distribution of promotional products, actively advertised in the newspapers.


Regularly "Days of discounts" with an accompanying advertising campaign in order to maximize the interest of visitors to the market.

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