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EXTEND a clamshell's life


Prolong the life of the cot</a>

Clamshells often helped us out, protecting our sleep and making it more comfortable. How to take care of the cots and extend their life?

It's about the French clamshell.



If during the operation of the clamshell youHear squeaks, you need to remove the mattress from it and process all existing riveting with any technical oils, and then several times fold and fold the mechanism itself, so that the proper lubrication spreads and improves the work of the mechanism. Carry out this procedure at least once a year.


Do not refuel the cot at allWith bed linens or other things. If it is necessary to fold the folding bed together with the mattress, do this with a mattress thickness of not more than 6 centimeters.


Do folding and folding the clamshell in the center. If you do this, starting from the edges, the clamshell can turn out unevenly, which, naturally, leads to excessive wear.


In order to properly fold the cot, you need to put the mechanism in the lowest position.


Never place or place the entire weight of your body on one plastic launcher. Be aware that the optimum load per holder is a maximum of sixty kilograms


Do not use this great helper inAs a playground for sports, especially with regard to children. Let them have a little weight, they still compensate for their weight by their own vivid activity and uncontrollability.


The foot part is also not intended for,To sit on it, since such an action creates a particularly high stress. Because of this, usually the legs are turned out or the pipes fail. In such cases, your clamshell is no longer subject to repair.


Also it is not recommended to fill the clamshell if it does not have a mattress, since it is very likely to break numerous plastic nozzles.

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