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Extends the life of the cot

Extends the life of the cot

Folding often rescued us, protecting our sleep and making it more comfortable. How to take care of cots and prolong their life?

It goes exactly the French cot.



If during operation the clamshell youhear the squeaks, you need to take off her mattress and process all existing riveting any technical oils, and then repeatedly folded and decomposed the mechanism that the position should be spread out as a lubricant and improved operation of the mechanism. Carry out this procedure at least once a year.


In no case do not refuel cottogether with linen or other any things. If you need to lay down a cot with a mattress, do it at the thickness of the mattress is not more than 6 centimeters.


Engage clamshell folding and unfolding exactly in the center. If you do this, since the edges of the clamshell can develop unevenly, which naturally leads to excessive wear.


In order to properly fold the cot, you need to how to put a mechanism in the lowest position.


Never place or place the entire weight of your body is on one plastic-latoder zhatele. Be aware that the optimal load on a single holder is a maximum of sixty-kilogram


Do not use this excellent assistantas a platform for sports, especially for children. Let their light weight, they are still compensate the weight of its activity as bright and irresistible.


Foot part is also not intended,to sit down on it, as such action creates a particularly great deal of stress. Because of this, usually the legs are turned out or break down the pipe. In such cases, your clamshell is already beyond repair.


Also not recommended to fill a cot, if it does not have a mattress, as this will most likely lead to the failure of numerous plastic baits.

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