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PROLONGED the life of aromatic candles


Extend the life of aromatic candles</a>

Cleverly choosing aromatic candles, you can createIn the room a solemn and romantic, peaceful and invigorating atmosphere. And if you guess the preferences of a native person and pick up a candle for the interior of his apartment, it will be a wonderful gift.

Try to use aromatic candles more economically, because you want to prolong the pleasure of gentle smells as long as possible.

Aromatic candles can have a different compositionAnd forms. Intricate shapes and candles are "tablets", jelly-like products in transparent glass cups made from semi-solid gel and classic elongated shapes.

If you wish to prolong the life of aromaticCandles, keep in mind that the gel candle will burn longer waxy or paraffin. Than it is thicker, so, accordingly, longer will live. For example, a flavored candle with a diameter of ten centimeters is calculated for approximately five hours of continuous "work". It is this size of candles that is not so often used in aromatic lamps.

Before lighting the aroma candle, give itLie down about 3 hours in the refrigerator. After that, light it and let the room fill with essential oils. If the product is used for the first time, wait a little until its surface is completely covered with a molten hot liquid (gel, paraffin, wax). Now put out the candle with a special cap. When it cools, re-ignite.

For a pleasant ether to spread throughout theRoom, enough hours. Then again gently press the cap with the cap. When buying a candle, do not neglect such a useful trifle. A cap for candles allows you to preserve the unique aromas of a combination of essential oils, protects them from the smell of a burnt wick.

Too long a candle is not burning - its smellWill become too heavy and heavy. He will not give pleasure to your guests or to you, especially if you have an allergy. In addition, you will save up until the next time a flavored candle.

Before using the candles again, wait untilMelted in the middle of the liquid as it properly solidifies. Then, always trim the wick with a small pair of scissors so that its length is no more than seven centimeters, otherwise the wick will burn too quickly. Make sure that the candle's light does not flicker too much and is even. Protect it from drafts.

Complete with aromatic candles you canPurchase a device for heating them. Such a device will decorate the interior with a design and will evenly heat the candle, keeping the shape. You can take candles complete with aromatic sticks - the smell of chopsticks from the room does not disappear for long.

No matter how you take care of an aromatic candle, expensiveYour heart, one day it will burn. If the candle was sold in a glass cup, do not discard it, adjust it to store any small things. They will absorb the remainder of the unique fragrance and will remind you a long time about the romantic evening with candles.

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