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Extends the life of scented candles

Extends the life of scented candles

Cleverly chooses scented candles, you can createin the room a solemn and romantic, quiet and refreshing atmosphere. And if you guess the preferences of a loved one, and pick up a candle at the interior of his apartment, it will be a wonderful gift.

Try a more economical use of scented candles, for the pleasure of the gentle odors want to extend as long as possible.

Scented candles can have a different compositionand shape. Intricate shapes and svechi- "pills", gelatinous product in transparent glass cups of semi-solid gel and classic elongated shape.

If you want to extend the life of the aromaticcandles, keep in mind that the gel candle will burn longer than paraffin wax or. The thicker it is, the correspondingly longer live. For example, a perfumed candle ten centimeters in diameter designed for approximately five hours of "work". This is the size of the candle is no accident so often used in the oil burner.

Before the lighting aromatic candles give itlie down for about 3 hours in the refrigerator. Then light it and let the room fill pairs of essential oils. If the product is used for the first time, wait until the surface is covered completely molten hot liquid (gel, paraffin wax). Now extinguish a candle with a special cap. When it has cooled, re-ignite.

To broadcast a pleasant spread throughoutroom enough hours. Then again lightly prihlopnite light cap. When purchasing candles do not neglect such a useful little thing. The cap for the candle allows you to save a unique combination of aromas of essential oils, saves them from the smell of burnt wick.

candle burning too long, it is not necessary - the smellIt would be too heavy and strong. He did not bring any pleasure to your guests, or you, especially if you have allergies. In addition, you will save until the next time a scented candle.

Before it is used candles wait untilmelted in the middle of the fluid hardens as it should. Then be sure to then align small scissors wick to a length of no more than seven centimeters, otherwise the fuse will burn too quickly. Make sure the candle flame flickered and not too was flat. Protect it from drafts.

Complete with scented candles, you canbuy a device for heating them. Such an instrument to decorate the interior design and uniformly heat the candle, keeping the shape. You can take a candle, complete with incense sticks - sticks smell of the room does not escape for long.

No matter how you took care of scented candles, expensiveyour heart, one day she will burn down. If the candle was sold in a glass, do not throw it away, adjust to hold any little thing. They vberut a remnant of a unique flavor and a long time will remind you of a romantic evening by candlelight.

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