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Extends the life of cosmetics

We all know how much money is spent on cosmetics, and she usually has the ability to quickly come to an end.

A few tips for its conservation and savings.



The durability of the lipstick directly depends on the wayits application. For this purpose, the brush is best used. This will help to put lipstick is much more economical, and does make more accurate. Before lipstick, grease them slightly creams and powder the. This trick will help you make a more lasting lip makeup, and therefore will not have to often tinted - again saving.


To extend the life of the tonal basis, in the first placedo not buy it in the proc. Otherwise, the tube will be tempted to open it up and try it. Secondly, it is not necessary to use a sponge, it absorbs a lot of cream. It is better to gently apply the cream hands.


The liquid cosmetics
To the liquid cosmetics has served mosta long time, it must be stored in holodilngike. So it is better to retain their properties. In addition, the cold does not create a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, and therefore zhidkoya cosmetics will not deteriorate prematurely.


To ink does not dry fast, does not need to dipbrush into the vial a few times, it is enough for one. Just squandered it inside the tube. In addition, the brush from the carcass must be washed once a week with water and wipe dry with a paper towel. Then the ink will not stay up lumps.


Creams for face and body
Body cream lasts longer than a face cream. But in any case, open the jar should be kept no more than nine months. Conventional cream can be stored in the room, but the fat and bio-cream is better to keep on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. And removing the cream from the can better spatula, not your fingers. So less likely to develop bacteria.

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