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How to prolong the life of your favorite jeans

How to extend the life of your favorite jeans

Jeans - a very special clothing. They can always look fashionable and stylish.

But for good quality jeans, in which you look stunning, would always look like new, it is necessary to look after them.

This can be done at home - here are some examples.

Useful tips for those who want to buy jeans in the store</ P>

If you hesitate when purchasing between two sizes of jeans stretch, it is necessary to choose the lesser - stretch fabric is stretched.

If no time to properlytry on jeans, you can use this method. Take the jeans and buttoned waist presses them to his neck. If the size matches your belt will round full diameter of the neck at a free customized fit her. strange method, but, they say, work.

To properly fold jeans, do so. Lay them on a table or any flat surface. Fold in half from left to right. After this leg folded in half so that the cuffs have coincided with a belt. And finally, once again folded in half.

How to care for jeans</ P>

Before new jeans hem, they should be rinsed at least twice. When washing jeans always "sit" in length.

Dark jeans can protect against loss of color during washing. When the final rinse add a typewriter? cup of white vinegar.

If the jeans took shortened, cut pieces, try to save. Subsequently, they can be useful to you.

Each subsequent washing does look trousersa little worse. Sometimes jeans like it is not dirty, but they are a little smells, as well as from any thing after long socks. Get rid of the smell, without erasing the jeans, you can: put them in a plastic bag, the package - in the freezer and hold it there for a couple of days.

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