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How to prolong the life of the flower

How to extend the life of the flower

Any woman would be delighted, having received as a gift a bouquet of fresh flowers. However, the beauty of these flowers is temporary.

In a way, taking care of flowers in a vase, you prevent their premature wilting and drying, which is caused by the appearance of bacteria and fungi in the water, in which there is a flower.



Put a vase of flowers in the room withtemperature of 15-18 degrees and avoid drafts. The lower leaves and stems, which may be under the surface of the water, cut with a knife on the bias. Thick stems are split into the tips of sharp scissors, it is necessary to preserve the freshness of cut roses.


Daffodils, roses and carnations are regularly sprayed with water from a spray - this will extend their a life- Orchids and violets splashing water can not be, so as not to cause the appearance of unsightly spots on the petals.


Do not forget to regularly change the water in the vase toavoid bacteria. Poltabletki Crush aspirin and mix the powder in water to which you put the roses or chrysanthemums. You can also add to the water in addition to aspirin, two lumps of sugar. Unlike roses, carnations and tulips, gerbera daisies and daffodils like salt.


If you are presented with peonies, split stemslower for five minutes in rubbing alcohol. Also pion stems can be placed for ten minutes in a hot, and then cold water to close buds - it will prolong the life of flowers. The stems of lilies should be placed briefly in hot water, as well as cut the stamens.


To stood longer flowers, they must benot only contain correctly, but also properly cut. For cutting garden flowers, use sharp secateurs and dip fresh cut flowers for two hours in a bucket of water. Place the bucket in a cool place to maintain the elasticity of colors. The tips of the stems always cut with a sharp knife at an angle to the stem to absorb water throughout the cut surface.


If you bring flowers home from the winter cold,always give them the opportunity to adapt to temperature change - expand the flowers after a while, when they lie down in a cool place in the pack.


Pour into a vase for flowers or boiled-settled water at room temperature. In addition to sugar, water and salt can be enriched with aspirin piece charcoal.

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