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DRAFT house for recreation and leisure


House project for recreation and leisure</a>

Owners of large areas of land,Who built a country house on them, it is worth considering the design and construction of a separate auxiliary building intended for recreation and leisure.

This is especially true if the house is inhabited by a large family consisting of representatives of several generations, and visitors are constantly coming.

When you need a separate home for rest and leisure

Solving the question of the construction of a dacha or suburbanAt home, it is advisable to make the project according to the needs of your family. If it is large enough, and besides it is hospitable, you will need additional rooms not only for guest bedrooms, but also for facilities such as a sauna or Russian bath, billiards, gym room, indoor pool and a large dining room with a dance floor. If all of them are planned for construction, it is advisable to place them under one roof, selecting it in a separate complex.

To build such a house is necessary, if it will bePeople of several generations will live, and noisy companies will in any case interfere with the elderly, even if they have separate rooms, they will hear noise inside the house and outside, where the hosts and guests will enjoy the fresh air. If you estimate the cost of building two houses - intended for living and for leisure and recreation - it will cost more than building one building, but ultimately not enough to sacrifice comfort and tranquility. In the event that the construction of both houses will be conducted simultaneously, you will be able to save significantly.

Please note that when placing the pool under the roof, it is necessary to provide a mandatory exhaust ventilation system, as well as a protective coating, which protects against evaporation.

What you need to consider when designing a holiday home

Best if this building is notStand idle, waiting for the arrival of guests or holidays, it must be functional and used daily. You can order a project of this house or take advantage of ready-made. A typical project usually involves a bath complex with a steam room or sauna, shower cabins, a toilet, a rest room, and a separate living-dining room with a fireplace that will brighten up any winter gatherings. The dining room is perfectly complemented by an open veranda, where you can lay down an oven for cooking hot dishes on the fire with a grill and barbecue.

Place a children's playground next to the holiday home and provide a place for a summer pool, inflatable or frame.

Yes, and indoors need to provideHozblok and pantry, where you can store stocks or equipment and inventory. For active and high-grade rest it would be nice to provide for a gym with exercise machines, as well as a small, 10-meter pool with a waterfall and a watercourse. The gym can be placed in the attic, which on clear days will be used and as a solarium, if you install the sliding windows on the roof.

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