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Product Promotion: how to ensure efficiency

The main goal in promoting a new product - the involvement of the consumer. You have to make sure that potential customer learned about your new product, and realized that she needed him.

At the same time he must be sure to buy quality thing for real, not an inflated price, and even at a discount (one-time, seasonal, etc.).

Your actions in promoting a new product should not be chaotic, you have to spend a thoughtful and competent advertising campaign consisting of several stages.



Determine the useful properties commodity and on this build his promotion. Consumers should understand that buying this thing (household appliances, foodstuff, construction material, etc.), it saves time, improves health and increases personal comfort. Clever advertising inspire a person a sense of wonder - how could he live without this stuff before? While it's life will improve markedly and acquire new colors.
It is worth comparing the existing products on the shelves this category with a novelty (of course, in favor of a new commodity).


However, the potential buyer to know aboutuseful new product, information about the product and its usefulness is necessary to convey to him. And here all suitable methods which only invented in the field of promotion of the goods. Your main assistant in this case - advertising on TV and on the radio, in print and electronic media, on public transport, on its website or on partner sites on the Internet, lease of billboards on the streets, etc. of course, these methods require a large financial outlay, but, most likely, they justify themselves.


If you are not willing or is unable tospread a lot of money on these types of ads, you can restrict more modest ways to promote their new items. Refer to the designer - let him come up for your commodity symbol, logo, or just his handsomepicture. Further, in order to transfer an advertising agency drawing on pens, glasses, notebooks, packages, flyers. Some of these items, carrying a brief (usually - visual) information about the new product, to be given away on the street, the other - to give. This is quite an effective way to promote commodity.


Placing advertising information, consider the audience for which your product is. It is unwise to advertise what is meant pensioners at the student audience and vice versa.


If your new product from the scope of food orbeverages, is to arrange a tasting. The announcement of the upcoming event can be placed in daily newspapers, on radio and television, and hang them at public transport stops, at the entrances and in crowded areas.


Consider flexible system of discounts and bonuses,acting in the first days or weeks of your sales trends. Experience has shown that without such measures are not progressing any business. Designating a discount (percentage or rubles) on brochures or saying about specific bonuses (it can be gift cards, small gifts, samplers), you will be able to attract significantly more customers than if you start selling goods conventional (boring) way.

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