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PROMOTION of the goods: how to ensure the efficiency


Promotion of goods: how to ensure efficiency</a>

The main goal when promoting a new product is to attract the consumer. You have to do it so that the potential consumer learns about your novelty, and realized that she needed him.

At the same time, he must be sure that he buys a quality item at a real, not overpriced price, or even at a discount (single, seasonal, etc.).

Your actions when promoting a new product should not be chaotic, you have to carry out a thoughtful and competent advertising action, consisting of several stages.



Identify useful properties Goods And on this build his progress. The consumer must understand that by purchasing this item (household appliances, food, building materials, etc.), it saves time, improves health or improves personal comfort. Intelligent advertising will inspire a person with a sense of surprise - how could he live without this thing before? Then how with it his life will noticeably improve and find new colors.
It would be superfluous to compare already existing products on the shelves of this category with a novelty (of course, in favor of the new Goods).


However, for a potential buyer to know aboutUseful novelty, information about the product and its usefulness must be brought to him. And here all methods are suitable, which are only invented in the sphere of goods promotion. Your main assistants in this business are advertising on TV and radio, in print and electronic media, in public transport, on your own website or on partner resources on the Internet, rent billboards on the streets, etc. Of course, these methods will require large financial costs, but, most likely, they justify themselves.


If you are not ready or do not yet have the opportunitySpread a lot of money on these types of advertising, you can limit yourself to more modest ways to promote your novelty. Refer to the designer - let him come up with for your Goods Symbol, logo or simply its beautifulpicture. Then in the advertising agency, order the transfer of the drawing to pens, glasses, notebooks, packages, leaflets. Some of these items carrying brief (more often - visual) information about the novelty can be distributed on the street, others - to give. This is a fairly effective way to promote Goods.


When placing advertising information, consider the audience for which your product is intended. It would be unreasonable to advertise what is meant for retired people, in the student's classroom and vice versa.


If your novelty is from the food industry orDrinks, it is worth to arrange a tasting. Announcement of the upcoming event can be placed in daily newspapers, on radio and television, and also hang them at public transport stops, at the entrances and in places of large crowds.


Think of a flexible system of discounts and bonuses,Operating in the first days or weeks of sales of your new items. As the practice has shown, without such events, no business is moving forward. Having designated a discount (in percent or rubles) on advertising brochures or by announcing specific bonuses (these may be gift cards, small souvenirs, samplers), you will be able to attract a significantly larger number of buyers than if you start selling goods in an ordinary (boring) way.

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