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How profitable to buy air tickets

How profitable to buy air tickets

Many passengers now prefer to fly by plane, than a trip to the land transport.

Tickets for the flights are much more expensive, but there are several ways to help you purchase a ticket at the most competitive price.

When catching a discount

All lovers of flights aware that tickets can bebuy cheaper long before the flight. Some manage for the next six months to buy the coveted ticket. But many organizations that monitor the pricing policy of airlines argue that the best time to purchase a cheap ticket - it's 6-8 weeks before departure on international routes and for 3 weeks on domestic routes. Also, some airlines and agencies a few days before the flight emit remaining tickets at low prices to the maximum load the aircraft.

Of great importance is the price of the ticketday of the week. Tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are always sold at the most overpriced, as the weekend begins the main flow of passengers. Cheaper to fly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also, it is Tuesday between 15:00 and 1:00 environmental airlines offering tickets for big savings. Time should be seen in the time zone of the city where the company's head office.

Low-cost flights

Ticket price depends on the season. People go to rest in the summer, during school holidays and public holidays. November - early December, February-March are considered low season, so tickets for this period are sold at very low prices.

Well get to save on the purchase of tickets withtransplant. For example, a direct flight Moscow - Barcelona ticket costs twice more expensive than with transfers Moscow - Vienna - Barcelona. Another advantage of the trip with a connection - see during another city trip. Great discount on the ticket do when buying a "round-trip".

When choosing a budget-class service andrejection of the additional service will much reduce the cost of the ticket. Price depends on the airline that provides flight. In one of the price is higher than the other. For comparison, the cost of the ticket have to go into their sites and do price monitoring.

Help with buying a ticket at a reasonable price

When an independent search for flightscompetitive prices, it is possible to miss the sight of the big discounts or actions carried out by the airlines. After all, the price of a ticket varies almost every hour. Therefore, many passengers turn to agents or online services that track the price of tickets in real time. Many of these services quickly find tickets for airlines databases and offer the most favorable offer.

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