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How to buy air tickets


How to buy air tickets</a>

Many passengers today prefer to fly by plane than to travel by land transport.

Tickets for flights are much more expensive, but there are several ways to help buy a ticket at the best possible price.

When to catch a discount

All fans of flights know that tickets can beBuy cheaper long before the flight. Some manage to get a coveted ticket six months ahead. But many organizations that follow the airline's pricing policy argue that the best time to purchase a cheap ticket is 6-8 weeks before departure on international routes and 3 weeks on domestic lines. Also, some airlines and agencies, several days before the flight, throw out the remaining tickets at low prices for maximum aircraft load.

A huge value on the ticket price hasDay of the week. Tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are always sold at the most inflated price, as the weekend begins the main flow of passengers. Cheaper to fly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also on Tuesday from 15:00 to Wednesday 01:00 airlines offer to buy tickets at a big discount. Time should be watched by the time zone of the city where the head office of the company is located.

Low prices for air tickets

The cost of the ticket depends largely on the season. People go on vacation in summer, during school holidays and on holidays. November - early December, February-March are considered a dead season, so tickets for this period are sold at very low prices.

It is good to save money on buying a ticket fromTransplantation. For example, on a direct flight from Moscow to Barcelona, ​​the ticket costs twice as much as with Moscow-Vienna-Barcelona transfers. Another advantage of a trip with a transfer is to see another city during the flight. A great discount on the ticket is made when buying "round-trip".

When choosing a budget class of service andRefusal of additional service it will turn out much cheaper cost of the air ticket. The price depends on the airline that provides the flight. In one company the price is higher than in the other. To compare the cost of tickets, you have to go to their sites and monitor prices.

Help in buying a ticket at a bargain price

When you are searching for air tickets on your ownFavorable prices, you can lose sight of the big discounts or promotions held by airlines. After all, the price of a ticket changes almost hourly. Therefore, many passengers ask for help from agents or online services that track prices for tickets in real time. Many such services quickly find tickets to airline bases and offer the most favorable offers.

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