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Profiled glulam

Profiled glulam

The tree is traditionally used for the construction of residential houses.

The unique material created by nature, is ideal for this purpose, ensuring ventilation and at the same time sound and heat insulation.

Modern building materials, as a variation on the traditional rounded logs have additional advantages.

Shaped timber and glulam - what's the difference?

Despite the similar names, it is fundamentallydifferent materials. Shaped timber cut out of whole logs, sometimes even subjected to pre-drying. For this reason, houses built of corrugated timber, have the same disadvantages that are inherent chopped buildings. They are subject to shrinkage, which can be up to 8% and last up to 5-8 years. Finishing work in these buildings begin to not earlier than 1 year.

This disadvantage is absent in buildings erectedprofiled laminated veneer lumber, manufactured by a special technology that allows, in addition to the linear deformation, and to eliminate twisting of the material, as well as to reduce its sensitivity to negative external influences.

Every 5-6 years the house of laminated veneer lumber need to re-process the antiseptic and other protective structures.

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Manufacturing technology of profiled laminated veneer lumber

The price of one cube of laminated veneer lumber is much morethan usual, due to the high cost of sophisticated technology of production of this building material. According to the standards for glulam are pine, larch and cedar, grown in northern areas, where tree growth is slowed down, so the density of the wood above. In addition, wood is harvested during the winter, when the wood humidity is minimal. The processed logs are spreading to the board and further dried and then discarded by cutting pieces from the dropped out knots or damaged wood. The good, the whole board spliced, sandwiched between them a layer of short slats so that the fiber boards and slats were perpendicular to each other, are glued to the bar and profiled. Bruce may consist of a different number of layers of slats - from 2 to 5. Thanks to the perpendicular arrangement of the fibers of adjacent layers and a special adhesive, ready to beam does not lose its ecological properties, retains its size and shape, which makes it possible to build a house out of it, "turn-key".

The optimum thickness of the timber to areas of the middle band with seasonal variations in temperature from -30 to + 35 ° C should be at least 16 cm.

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Advantages and disadvantages of profiled laminated veneer lumber

The undoubted advantages of this material may bedeliver the highest quality. Shrinkage it does not exceed 1%, so the construction time reduced by the fact that the finishing work can begin immediately after the walls and roof ready. With the timber, consisting of several layers, it does not crack over time, and maintaining a beautiful smooth surface. Dense wood, further processed by special trains, does not rot, is not afraid of bugs, carpenter or moisture.

House of laminated veneer lumber produced infactory on design drawings, which reduces the consumption of construction materials, and greatly facilitate the construction of facilities for the final scheme, as a normal constructor. Due to its perfectly flat surface, the beam does not need further treatment and working surfaces "tongue and groove" provide fast laying of wreaths, allowing reliably isolate mezhventsovogo space and dispense with insulation and caulking. From profiled laminated veneer lumber, you can build a house of any complexity and any configuration, to embody any architectural solutions.

As for the disadvantages, which can behear most often: high costs, poor environmental and violation of air. If we talk about the price, the cost of laminated veneer lumber may exceed the cost of a traditional 3-4 times. However, if we estimate the total costs, when building a house or baths of laminated veneer lumber you will not need to buy an amplifier konopatku, gidroizolyatstonnye materials, linings for filing, rails, fasteners, antiseptic. Taking this into account, the cost of both types of timber would be comparable and, if we consider the question of durability, efficiency advantages can be given to laminated veneer lumber.

Some believe that this material is lessenvironmentally friendly through the use of adhesives, which upon heating will supposedly give off noxious substances. It may be objected that the laminated board made in accordance with existing State standards, is as safe as conventional wood. Special adhesive after curing transformed into a glassy mass, which nothing can not evaporate, even if the timber was used for the construction of baths or saunas.

Violation of air due to adhesive layers mayonly take place when the timber is laid incorrectly - if lamellas are arranged vertically. Horizontal slats styling easy and simple to solve this problem. As you can see, the shortcomings of this material is quite uncertain, so there is little reason to stop using it.

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