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PROFILED glued beam


Profiled glued beam</a>

The tree is traditionally used for the construction of residential buildings.

The unique material created by nature is ideal for this purpose, providing air exchange and at the same time noise and thermal insulation.

Modern building materials, being varieties of traditional rounded logs, have additional advantages.

Profiled bar and glued beam - what's the difference?

Despite the similar names, this is fundamentallyDifferent materials. Profiled bar sawed from a whole log, sometimes not even pre-dried. For this reason, houses built of profiled beams have the same drawbacks inherent in chopped buildings. They are subject to shrinkage, which can be up to 8% and last up to 5-8 years. Finishing works in such buildings start not earlier than in 1 year.

This lack is absent in buildings constructedFrom profiled glued beam, manufactured using a special technology that allows, in addition to linear deformations, to exclude and twist material, as well as to reduce its sensitivity to negative external influences.

Every 5-6 years the house of glued beams must be re-treated with antiseptic and other protective compounds.

Manufacturing technology of profiled laminated veneer lumber

The price of one cube of glued timber is much larger,Than usual, high cost is due to the complex technology of production of this building material. According to the standards, pine, larch and cedar are grown on the glued timber, which grew in the northern regions, where the growth of trees is slowed down, so the density of wood is higher. In addition, the tree is harvested in winter, when the moisture content of the wood is minimal. The treated logs are spread on the boards and further dried, and then discarded, carving out fragments with fallen knots or damaged wood. Good, whole boards are spliced, a layer of short lamellas is laid between them so that the fibers of the boards and slats are perpendicular to each other, glued into a bar and profiled. The beam can consist of a different number of layers of lamellas - from 2 to 5. Due to the perpendicular arrangement of the fibers of adjacent layers and the special adhesive composition, the finished beam does not lose its ecological properties, retains its size and shape, which makes it possible to build houses "turnkey" from it.

The optimum thickness of the beam for the middle belt regions with a seasonal temperature fluctuation from -30 to + 35 ° C should be at least 16 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of profiled glued beams

To the undoubted merits of this material, you canCarry high quality. Its shrinkage does not exceed 1%, therefore the construction time is shortened due to the fact that the finishing works can be started immediately after the walls and roof are ready. Over time, the bar, consisting of several layers, does not crack, keeping a beautiful and flat surface. Dense wood, additionally treated with special compounds, is not susceptible to rot, is not afraid of bugs, woodworms, or moisture.

Houses made of laminated veneer lumber are made inFactory conditions for project drawings, which allows to reduce the consumption of construction materials and greatly facilitate the erection of the structure according to the finished scheme, as a normal designer. Due to its perfectly flat surface, the beam does not need additional processing, and the working surfaces of the "spike-groove" ensure a quick laying of the crowns, making it possible to reliably isolate the intervening spaces and dispense with heaters and caulk. From profiled laminated veneer lumber can build houses of any complexity and any configuration, implement any architectural solutions.

As for the shortcomings, which can beTo hear more often: high cost, poor ecological compatibility and violation of air exchange. If we talk about the price, the cost of glued beams can exceed the cost of usual 3-4 times. However, if you estimate the total costs, then when building a house or a bath of glued beams you do not need to buy an amplifier, caulk, waterproof materials, lining, racks, fasteners, antiseptic. With this in mind, the cost of both types of timber will be quite comparable, and if you take into account the issue of durability, you can give the advantages in efficiency to the glued beam.

Some believe that this material is lessIs environmentally friendly due to the use of glue, which, when heated, will supposedly release harmful substances. On this you can argue that the glued bar, manufactured in accordance with existing GOSTs, is as safe as the ordinary tree. Special glue after hardening turns into a vitreous mass, which does not evaporate anything, even if the bar was used to build a bath or sauna.

Violation of air exchange due to adhesive layers canOnly if the beam is laid incorrectly - if the lamellas are positioned vertically. Horizontal lamination of slats easily and simply solves this problem. Apparently, the shortcomings of this material are rather doubtful, therefore there is no special reason to refuse to use it.

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