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Professional Makeup: The Secrets

Professional Makeup: The Secrets

How often, buying a glossy magazine, you can admire makeup model shown on the cover.

And then it seems that the make-up artists over the years learning this art.

And it is true.

However, to learn to do a good make-up under the force of each. It is clear that the people who work with models, use professional cosmetics and expensive.

But, if you look, in order to look like a model on the cover, no need to waste your time for years to master the technique of applying the powder and foundation.

You just have to know a few secrets of correct makeup.

Secret number 1 - it's the most natural. At first glance it may seem that there is no makeup at all. However, it seems that a person, as if lit from within. It seems that nature itself is the guardian of the natural female beauty.

Secret number 2. Beautiful skin. You should begin with the preparation of the face. First you need to cleanse your face and apply a tonal basis. Care should be taken to ensure that the basics are not different from the tone of the skin tone. Powder is better to take with shimmering particles. For those with combination skin, do not forget the T-zone. On it is necessary to apply the usual matting powder. Blush is necessary to take two tones. The brighter tone blush should be applied to the lower part of the jaw, a paler tone - at the top. So cheekbones will seem higher.

Secret number 3. The distinctive look. First you need to choose the shade. That's right it can only do makeup, because it is done in accordance with the skin tone, eye color and hair tint. However, this is under the force of each. To select the shade should be related tones: one a little brighter, a little paler than the second, so they were combined and passed smoothly into one another.
To view was more expressive inthe inner corner of the eye need to put a small white dot outline with a pencil or light shadows. But this point should not strike the eye and attract attention. It must disguise.
Next eyelashes. The effect thick lashes create a volume with ink. But there is another little secret: you have to pick up a pencil, similar to the color of ink. They need to spend on the free space between the lashes through their growth. Then they adjust the shape of eyebrows.

And the last secret number 4. Sensual lips.
Finishing touches to create a naturalMakeup - sensual lips. To the lips look more expressive, you need to pick up a pencil to match the lips. Lips must first moisten with a brush. Surplus lipstick remove the cloth. That's the whole secret of the attractiveness of the naturalness of the lips.

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