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Problem skin is the solution!</a>

Problem skin is an unpleasant phenomenon that does not have the best effect on a person's mood and self-esteem.

The cause of acne can be a variety of reasons - it's ecology, heredity, and general health.

However, whatever the reason for the appearance of acne, this problem is solved.

The main thing is to equip yourself with knowledge, have patience and not lose confidence.

In general, the causes of acne are conventionallyDivided into "internal" (malnutrition, body contamination, hormonal disorders) and "external" (incorrect and inadequate care). Let's look at each potential cause in more detail.
Skin is a mirror reflecting the state of everythingOrganism. Through it, a significant part of the toxic substances are removed, so it is extremely important to ensure that they are in the body as little as possible. To do this, you just need to eat right. Limit the use of products with artificial colors, soda, sweets, fatty and salty. If you can not live without coffee - then replace soluble with quality ground. If you are a sweet tooth, then replace caramel and chocolate with dried fruits and honey, they contain a lot of useful substances. Protein is also the basis of beautiful skin, so eat steamed fish, meat, poultry, and if you are not a fan of animal products, then necessarily eat nuts, beans, buckwheat - they also have a huge amount of minerals and vitamins B.
If you eat right, rightCare for the skin, and is no longer a teenager, and pimples still annoy you, that is, it makes sense to turn to the endocrinologist. The cause of bad skin can be a variety of hormonal disorders. And check not only the sex hormones, but also the hormones of the adrenal and thyroid gland (and especially if you are also prone to excess weight).
What should be the care of problem skin? The basis of a healthy skin without rashes is a gentle and thorough cleansing. Unfortunately, there is a widespread misconception that fatty skin can be cleaned with aggressive agents containing alcohol and alkali. This is fundamentally wrong, because in response to a hard soap and spirit lotions, the skin responds with increased production of fat. All means should be soft, because natural skin protection is necessary to combat inflammation. Do not overdo with scrubs: they should not be used more than a couple of times a week. It is good, if in the chosen waste series there will be natural antiseptic components, for example, aloe or tea tree oil. In time, cleanse the skin of cosmetics, tone it and necessarily moisturize: it will become noticeably better soon. Get rid of the habit of touching your face with your hands, do not be lazy to do cleansing mask masks twice a week - and enjoy your reflection in the mirror!

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